Often, gardeners see their outdoor space as a place for Summer and Spring. It’s warmer, stays light till later and generally people want to be outside. The whole gardening calendar revolves around utilising the seasons but unfortunately the colder months of the year can often be left behind.

Most of us give very little thought to our gardens in winter. There is a general consensus that for certain months of the year, our outside spaces are ‘dead’. This isn’t the case. There are a few of us out there that have started to design our gardens with winter in mind and here are four great areas you may not have considered as a starting point.

Storage – Sheds, Tool Storage Unit, B&B Seed Packet Organiser

However much we try, there are certain things we just can’t do in Winter. To keep your garden looking ‘clean and fresh’ it’s important to pay attention to the details.

Store your garden utensils and accessories correctly so they’re good to go when it matters the most. Our range of sheds, storage units and seed organisers will keep your purchases most importantly safe but also protected from the elements. Like all our products, there’s free delivery on everything!

Cold Frames

Cold frames are essential if you want to keep the frost away from those seedlings during the harsh English winter. They provide a sheltered and relatively warm environment to germinate seeds and are therefore perfect as the year goes on.

It provides an intermediate stage between greenhouse planting and the great outdoors known as ‘hardening off’. In order to give plants a chance to grow from seed to plant, gardeners need to start plants indoors during the cold late winter, and transplant them outside once the temperatures are warm enough to support proper plant growth. 

Like our planter range, all the wood used is FSC sourced and is designed to be in your garden for years to come.

Pot Trolleys

Our large range of pot trolleys make moving large or small planters incredibly easy. What sets ours apart is a separate range for indoor & outdoor…with more durable casters and hard wearing protection for our outdoor range.

Any seasoned gardener will know the importance of moving your pots and plants as the frost slowly starts to creep in. Many pots have been ruined over the winter months with chips and cracks from the elements and our pot trolleys are the perfect solution! Not to mention the health benefits for your back!

Robins Birdy Bundle

Nothing will bring the sparkle back into your garden quite like a visit from the neighbouring wildlife. What better bird to attract than the seasonal robin who has almost become a delightful mascot for the festive months. Our Robin Birdy Bundle comes with the seed mix, Robin box and pearl feeder; the dome of which is specifically designed to protect feeding birds and the tray’s content from rain and snow. As an extra refinement, drainage holes in the tray base help prevent any waterlogged seed.

As the days get darker and the temperature continues to drop, don’t forget all the things you can do for your garden during this often-forgotten period. The sun might not be shining, but there is still pride and fun you can have in your outdoor space. It’s just a matter of approaching it the right way…and as always, with a bit of garden style!