Worms, worms everywhere...

Today we’re going to talk all about worms.

Worms are the very best of all the gardener’s animal kingdom friends. They do so much for us deep down underground and they just don’t get the recognition they deserve.

If you want to know how beneficial worms are to your garden, read on!

What do they do?
Worms are super-skilled soil improving experts. Through a combination of tunnelling, chomping through all manner of organic matter, and the production of worm casts, these slippery characters are absolutely brilliant at helping your garden to grow.

By making space for air and transporting nutrients through their casts right to the roots of your plants, it’s no wonder worms are often referred to as nature’s gardeners. They do exactly as you do but on a smaller and more targeted scale.

Have I got worms?
Yes! Almost all gardens have worms. The better the quality of your soil, the more worms you are likely to have.

Worms aren’t the biggest fans of dry conditions – they need the moisture to survive but there are plenty of ways to encourage wormy visitors if you’re at all worried.

How do I attract worms?
Upping the moisture content of your soil is the fastest way to attract earth worms to your garden. Add loads of good quality, well-rotted organic matter. Worms can burrow to depths of 6 feet or more in order to avoid dry conditions so make life a little easier for them by ensuring your garden is well mulched, and well-watered (probably not a worry at all in good old Blighty).

It is possible to add earth worms to your garden’s eco system by buying a batch. This seems a bit extreme to us as it’s so easy to encourage them naturally.

Once you’ve got them there, you need to keep your wriggly friends happy by adding kitchen scraps into little holes around your borders about 10-20cm deep. You can also make them happy by leaving leaves where they are in the Autumn (be careful not to kill off your grass though).

A further way to keep worms happy is to employ a no-dig gardening strategy. Worms don’t like to be disturbed from their work so keep digging to a minimum and they will repay you by doing all the hard work for you.

Finally, you want to keep your worm population happy and healthy and the best way to do this is by gardening organically. Keep harmful pesticides and chemicals far, far away from your garden and you can rest assured that you’re doing your best for the lovely worms wriggling away, minding their own business far beneath your feet.

Get out in your garden this weekend and get mulching! Try the raw, non-composted kitchen scrap holes, and add a really solid layer of well-rotted organic material to your borders. Not only will your new-found worm friends thank you, but so will all your plants. Now is a fab time to give plants a little extra protection from the fast-approaching autumn season.