As spring fast approaches its time to go back into the garden and begin restoring it to its past glory. It can be hard work and demoralising starting afresh, but any keen gardener will see this as a fantastic challenge. One of the most annoying problems I witnessed in my garden this year was coming back to the lovely pots bought last spring to see massive cracks ready to give way whenever they fancy.

The Wonders of Pot Trolleys

Gardeners everywhere know the annoyance of lifting that big heavy pot, straining your back just for the bottom to give way as it has rotted away over the winter! There’s nothing like wet soil soaking through your trousers and socks to really demotivate you. Luckily at The Garden Style Company we have experienced this all too often so our wooden pots are made from treated FSC wood and won’t be giving way anytime soon.


However, lifting the wooden planters still takes a significant amount of effort, and speaking from experience, lower back strain and pulled muscles aren’t ingredients for a great season of gardening. Make life easier, take a look at our Outdoor Pot Trolleys.

Like the planters, these Pot trolleys are made from FSC wood, and are incredibly hard wearing whilst simultaneously maintaining the style you long for in your garden. Pot trolleys make moving those heavy planters easy. Whether you are beginning the spring overhaul, or just mowing the lawn, these pot trolleys will make your life significantly easier!
It’s also a well-known fact that having a pot off the floor will aid drainage. If the pot’s holes are covered, it means the water won’t drain correctly and could lead to both the eventual rotting of the pot and poor performance of the contents, whereas when the planter is off the floor everything works much better.

Seasoned gardeners also know the importance of moving pots into covered areas in order to try keep Jack Frost away from them in the winter. This can be a difficult task, and can take a lot of energy and time, especially if you have a big garden. These pot trolleys can make movement incredibly easy and will save you getting out of breath.

Indoor Pot Trolleys

What we have also offer at The Garden Style Company is a range of indoor planters that are surprisingly hard to find in garden centres. I love my house plants and am currently trying to grow a Beaucarnea Recurvata, which originates from Mexico and can grow quite large. I also have a few spider plants (Chlorophytum Comosum) that are beginning to do really well. I happen to know from experience that moving these around when cleaning is extremely hard work and frustratingly I scratched my laminate floor when dragging the Beaucarnea Recurvata. Since having pot trolleys (I chose the antique ones) it’s made life much easier, with the specially designed plastic casters ideal for moving not only on laminate, but carpet as well.


Pot trollies will enhance your life inside and out, and will help preserve your planters, pots and your spine. Pot trollies will also save you money in the long run as you won’t be spending as much on energy drinks and paracetamol after lugging your big pots down the garden!