If you’re reaching your more experienced years, then this blog update may be just the thing you need. If you’re at the stage where you need to start taking things a little easier and are looking for ways to keep your garden looking splendid at the same time, read on.

Take the Breaks Off and Coast.

Leaving sections of your garden to go wild is a great way to do your bit for the environment and make life easier for yourself.

As well as bumping up stocks of native wild flowers, wild patches do a great job for native animals and insects. Once you’ve let go, you should start to see the magical appearance of native plants like Red Campion and wild grasses.


In order to avoid anything back-breaking like weeding, one option is to lay some membrane and gravel over patches of your garden, or even your whole lawn area. This might best be done by a willing family member or a professional as it is pretty back-breaking work.

Though this might seem a painful goodbye to your lawn, rest assured that gravelled areas and wild patches can make for a very striking garden design.

Canny Plant Choices

Self-seeders like borage, sunflowers, poppies and even some edibles can really cut down on your garden work. Not only are self-seeders very easy to grow (and very tolerant of a little neglect), they also put on a great show of bright flowers all by themselves, year after year.

The only time you might have to worry is if your self-seeding plants have gone wild and started to take over the neighbouring gardens as well. In this case, you might have to do a little thinning out – but this is a very easy job.

Planting Options

If you still want the benefit of beautiful flowers come the summer, there are good choices for the lazy gardener. Flowering shrubs, clematis, and herbaceous perennials all make for a good show with the least effort. These options all have the added benefit of dying back quite cleanly and so take care of any winter tidying issues as well.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

You can also make life easier for yourself if your mobility isn’t as good as it once was, with some good planning. Make sure you have step-free access to your garden, install some grab rails by your backdoor, and put down some good anti-slip surfacing on your decking if you have it.

There’s no need to restrict yourself from your own garden if you can spare a little cash to make some easy changes.

Gardens needn’t be hard work. Making good planting choices and thinking about landscaping can all help to make life easier for you in your later years.

If you love your garden and want to continue to enjoy it even if things are getting a bit more difficult, opting for one or all of our recommendations can really make a difference.