Looks like we’re in for a sunny long weekend to mark the beginning of summer! And… to celebrate that, we have picked a selection of products that will get you busy in the garden!

 Overlap Wooden Raised Bed - 9 Square

Designed around the principles of 'square foot gardening' the overlap 9 square raised bed has a capacity of 162 litres. It's supplied with a geo-textile lining to help make 'setting' the bed even faster, as well as a surface planting grid to help you separate your vegetables. With a high quality manufacture and finish, this raised bed is a quick and easy method to get your vegetable patch well under way.


Tip: Perfect for vegetables like cucumbers or cabbages that can be sown this month.

 3 Floored Wooden Vegetable Bed

A beautiful vegetable bed with three floors to make a true feature and talking point within the garden. The stylish design and sturdy construction will ensure the bed can provide growth to your garden for many years.

Tip: Perfect for vegetables like cucumbers or cabbages that can be sown this month.

 Basique Kub Wooden Planter (64 litres)

This 64 litre planter is manufactured from treated European Pine and comes complete with a geo-textile lining to retain moisture. It sits on two feet that guarantee good drainage and help prevent water ingress into the wood through late autumn and winter. Ideal for planting small plants of up to 70 cm in height.

Tip: These are the perfect choice for the patio or container gardener looking for a planter that has contemporary styling but is still cost effective.

Vendome Wooden Planter (52 litres)

A classically styled planter made from treated European Pine, ready for you to paint in the colours of your choice. This 52-litre container sits on two sturdy blocks of wood to guarantee good drainage and provide greater mobility when you want to move it around. Complete with geo-textile lining to retain moisture and make any change of compost quick and easy.

Tip: This is the perfect choice for planting standard bay trees and other evergreen topiaries, such as box and laurel.

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We hope you enjoy the long weekend whether it is by a pool, sipping cocktails in your back garden or doing anything else that you've got planned!

Happy Friday!

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