We, at the Garden Style Company, are very pleased and grateful for the long summer and mild autumn we’ve had this year. However, we are now in November, waking up to frosts and clouds but we are still looking for new and even more exciting garden activities. And what’s a better idea than enjoying the UK wildlife whilst making a few bird friends during the cold winter months?

This is why we will be dedicating a section on our blog to our feathered friends in the garden. And we thought there’s no better way to start that than focusing on the UK’s favourite bird – the Robin. 

Bird Profile

As a lot of you might be aware the most distinctive feature of robins is their orange/red breast which stands out from their otherwise grey body. Robins are classified as small to medium birds. (12-14cm in length) and their average lifespan tends to be (sadly) a little longer than a year. Robins are also known for their territorial nature so it might not be a good idea to mess with them once they’ve settled in somewhere!

Winter Birdcare

Did You Know?*

  • Each robin has a unique breast pattern (if you are a pro you might even be able to distinguish between your robin visitors)
  • The first British postmen wore red coats which led to referring to them as “robins”
  • The robin was declared Britain’s National Bird on December 15th, 1960.
  • Robins like nesting in non-typical places like old teapots and clothes’ pocket

What’s for a Treat?

Robins are fans of a number of seeds and fruit (especially soft fruit like some berries) but nothing beats some delicious mealworms for them. As they pick most of their food from the ground, frosts and lower temperatures during the winter can have a severe impact on robins causing a number of deaths. This is why, putting bird feeders in your garden is encouraged especially during the winter period as these would be of great help to our little friends!


How to Attract Robins?

If you would like to see some robins in your garden, we have a few things in mind:

-       Flutter Butter–  peanut butter and fatty foods in general can help robins and other wild bird survive during winter and keep in good health – plus they are a favourite treat!

-       Robin Bird Bundle – we’ve also prepared a dedicated Robin bundle for all robin fans which includes a feeder, a Robin bird box and a delicious (for birds of course) seed mix that includes seeds, fruit and mealworms

If you have befriended robins in your garden already, we would love you to send us some photos on Facebook/Twitter. Alternatively, email us on for a chance to win a “Get Set Go” Feeder from us!

* Jacobi Jayne