Here at the Garden Style Company we know the advantages of making your own compost. Compost is universally available from any respectable garden centre,however, more and more people are looking at making their own.

We've got a brand new author on our Gardening Tips Blog - "The Anonymous Gardener". Here's what he had to say about composters:

It’s Free

Let’s not beat around the bush, Christmas is coming up and children/grandchildren are looking at the toy section in the Argos catalogue. Now more than ever, is the time people start saving their pennies up for the festivities. Compost costs anything from £5-£20, and that adds up if you have just brought a 312 litre planter! Using materials that you no longer need is much more cost effective, potato peel, rose clippings come a lot cheaper and you can help good old planet earth whilst you’re at it!

Healthier Plants?

Okay, so I can’t sit here and say if you use your own compost you’ll get prize-winning roses overnight, nor can I say all the huge vegetables you see in the record books were all grown using home grown compost. However, your compost will be full of nutrients, and will promote healthy plants. It will have nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which can help if your soil is very acidic or alkaline.

Less Waste

If you have a garden waste bin, if it’s like ours, its usually full to the brim. Grass cuttings, off cuts, leaves, the lot. A compost bin means you won’t have to drag the bin outside on a cold November morning. Well you may, but it won’t be as full!

How to Make it a Success…

Of course we all know the fast degrading items that can go in a compost bin: Veg peelings, teabags, cuttings. But did you know if you crush eggs shells it can help to give nutrients to the compost. Egg boxes and leaves will take longer to rot, but will add important fibre to the compost.

Obviously animal poo, and nappies are to be avoided. It’s also not advisable to throw weeds in there, or perennial weeds like dandelions.


Our Compost Bins…

So what’s so special about our compost bins? I hear you ask in anticipation. What sets wood apart from a plastic one?

Obviously, ours is less of an eye sore and can fit in any garden. I can’t speak for everyone, but a huge green plastic thing at the end of my garden didn’t look great, whereas our FSC wooden ones not only do the job, they look the part. The slats in the wood allow the air to get into the compost and the fertilisation process to begin quicker.

The best story I’ve heard so far when I started my compost was my neighbour telling me that urine helps speed up the process. He claimed that if I went out and did my business on the heap it may work better?!?! Anyway, I was unsure of his motives though so I never did. If any of you out there have done this, please let me know if it works?