Today’s post is all about getting ahead in your garden for June. June is the perfect time to add additional colour to your garden design by going crazy for hanging baskets and planters. Now is the time, once all fear of late frosts has passed, to get your summer bedding plants out and get busy with some wonderful pops of colour around your garden.

If you have a little time on your hands, why not tackle some June garden jobs?


Hoe your borders with a good quality, sharp hoe. This chops the tops off any weeds that are peeking through and will eventually kill them. If you have any weeds poking through your brickwork or around the edge of your house, dowse them with boiling water as this will get them right down to the roots. If you apply a little elbow grease to the war on weeds, you should find that there is no need for herbicides.

Gardening Weeding - Jobs in June


Mow your lawn once a week. Taking good care of it now, will reap rewards over the winter by making sure moss can’t set in. In general, it is over or under-mowed lawns that tend to suffer with an invasion of moss. Weekly mowing also encourages fresh growth so treat your lawn to a regular chop.

Beautiful lawn - Gardening Jobs in June

Tall plants

You may have a selection of tall plants or vegetables. Now is the time when you should start to see a bit of height. If this is the case, make sure you support these plants with bamboo canes, twigs, or an intricate mesh of garden twine. Some plants won’t need support once they are fully-grown so you needn’t worry too much if you don’t like the look. You can also buy specific plant supports that are designed to blend in with their surroundings.

Tall Plants - Alliums - Gardening Jobs in June


Now is the time to prune any spring flowering shrubs. Have a wander around your garden and look for any tell-tale browning flowers – lilacs are a possibility. If the flowering period is over, it should be safe for you to give it a little trim to encourage new growth next year. If in doubt, check it out online first – many plants have all sorts of specific pruning requirements.

Garden Pruning - Gardening Jobs in June


Choose from rattan, wire-mesh, or plastic baskets. Remember that you will be re-using the basket every year, and you may wish to plant one up during the winter months too. It makes sense to opt for the best you can afford in the hope that it will give you many years of planting fun. You might also need to install some wall brackets to hang the basket from but many houses already come prepared so look carefully for any you might not have noticed before.

Line the basket with material that is going to look nice from the outside. Moss, coir, and wood fibre are all great options. Next, mix up some compost – either buy specialist hanging basket compost or make your own. Then, add some water gel crystals and some slow release fertiliser granules as plants in hanging baskets need lots of extra help.

Hanging Baskets - Gardening Jobs in June

There’s plenty to do in your June garden – what are you going to tackle first?

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