We’ve got a lot to share with you today so we’re going to jump straight on in there. Today we’re looking at the top four ways you can be water smart in your garden all year-round.

Problem 1: Sprinklers

Using a sprinkler can be a super easy way to make sure your precious plants and flowers get enough water even when you’re not there to supervise. But did you know that just one hour of sprinkler action is equal to the amount of water a whole family would use in one day?!


A solution to the problem of keeping your garden thirst-free is the humble watering can. Using a watering can will really cut down on the amount of water you use in your garden. After all, there is a reason we often experience hosepipe and sprinkler bans in dry summers. Even better – why not install a water butt and really make an environmental difference?

Problem 2: Paddling Pool

Now, don’t get us wrong, there is nothing finer than the joyful laughter of tiny tots splashing about in the paddling pool during the summer. The problem is though, that if you are filling a particularly big pool every day (at least while the sun shines), then you are using an awful lot of water.


Try to stop yourself from buying into the array of massive pools on the market these days – kids really will be happy with a traditional paddle. There’s nothing wrong with leaving your pool for a couple of days between refreshes. Finally, the very best way to use your paddling pool and make smart water choices, is to use the water in the pool to water your beds and borders – grey water like this is perfect!

Problem 3: Jet Washing

If you’ve got decking or a patio area, you’ve more than likely given some considerable thought to purchasing a jet washer. Before you get down to the garden centre, have another good hard think. Jet washers are real water guzzlers. Yes, they make cleaning all sorts of things really easy, but just think about their effect on the environment.


We’re sorry – you’re probably not going to like this one. The alternative to a jet washer is good old fashioned elbow grease. Getting intimate with a brush, bucket and your patio really is the smart choice. Think about it this way though, at least you can count a good deck scrubbing as your cardio session.

Problem 4: Leaky Taps

We’ve all been guilty of ignoring leaky garden taps before. Because they’re often tucked away out of sight, it can be a long time before you realise there’s a problem. The trouble is, leaky garden taps waste serious amounts of water over long periods of time.


Get out there and fix that tap. There are literally tons of tutorials online that will show you how if you are unsure – this really is a job you can do for yourself. As we’re heading into winter, it’s also worth noting that now is the time to lag your outdoor pipes and tap to prevent frost and ice damage. Make sure you disconnect your hosepipe and store it away, and lag any outdoor pipes with insulating foam. You may also be able to isolate the outside tap and turn off its valve.