October is drawing to a close and this means that Halloween is just around the corner.

Halloween has really grown in popularity in the UK over recent years – each year we are ‘treated’ to growing hordes of children dressed to impress, mouths filled with sugary sweets, and terrifying home decorations.

Today, we’re thinking up ways to make sure your garden doesn’t feel left out of any Halloween celebrations you might have planned. We’re looking at Halloween gardening fun!

Bob Apple
A great old game that is best played in the garden (trust us on this one!). First off, fill a large container with water (you can warm it a little if you’re feeling kind or have younger children). Then add as many apples as you need – fewer make the game harder, more make it easier. The apples should float to the surface. Players must then try to catch an apple using teeth only – no arms!

Pumpkin Carving
Another one that generates a bit of mess… Pick up a pumpkin at the supermarket, or at a pumpkin farm and cut a round hole in the top. A great tip is to scoop out the innards with an ice-cream scoop which is tons easier than anything else.

Draw a stencil of what you would like to carve on a piece of paper then stick it to your pumpkin with tape. Next, punch holes using a specialist carving tool, or a metal skewer through the stencil to outline your shape. Finally, remove the stencil and carve away using the holes as a guideline.

Extra tip: roast the seeds for a healthy snack and use the pumpkin guts to make a nutritious and delicious soup.

Spooky Autumn wreaths
Make a wreath from twigs and decorate with spooky Halloween accessories for the ultimate Halloween door decoration. An alternative is to get your hands on a cheap Christmas wreath, and cover it with orange or black wool – like a giant pom-pom. This one will keep kids busy for hours!

Autumn garlands
This one has to be our favourite as it serves a dual purpose. Not only does this ramp up the spooky effects, but it also makes for a great bird feeder.

Take a length of twine and thread it through pieces of popcorn, dried fruit, beautiful autumn leaves, and anything else that takes your fancy. Spook it up by attaching cheap supermarket Halloween accessories and you’ve made yourself a fantastic wreath that looks great for Halloween, and keeps your garden birds fed.

Giant spider webs
This one is a great way to make a big impact in your garden with just a little effort. Take some clothesline-type rope – this is the easiest thickness to work with and looks great. Next, use a strong hook as an anchor point where you would like the web to be attached to your house. Then, add two further tent hooks to anchor your web to the ground – this spooky web needs to be very secure. Next, you need to form your web – there are loads of tutorials on the old internet so check one out that suits your requirements.

Safety First!
Always make sure children are supervised at Halloween – especially with games involving water, and when trick or treating.

Go on out and have some Halloween fun!