This year, we, at the Garden Style Company have prepared something to help you make the most of your half term holiday. We’ve scoured our data banks for the best wholesome, free, crafty, and utterly engaging activities your little ones can really get stuck into while you enjoy a well-earned cup of tea.

We’re looking at three brilliant ways to keep your brood busy in the garden all week long. 

Leaf Drying

You may have noticed that fallen leaves are in great supply at the moment. What better way to kill two birds with one stone than to set your kids off on an epic leaf collecting and drying mission?! 

Dry the chosen leaves flat, on newspaper or even hanging from a craft line if you have one. Don’t let them get too much sun as this will cause their brilliant autumn colour to fade.

When it comes to pressing, there are three options:

One: place the leaves between paper towels then stash them flat inside a big, heavy book and wait a week or two for all the moisture to be sucked out.

Two: engage a flower press to cut drying time by a few days (if you have one!).

Three: microwave your leaves ten seconds at a time until dry make sure you keep a small glass of water in there to protect your leaves. This method should only be used for large, thick leaves. Never leave your kids alone to microwave their leaves dry – always make sure they are supervised by an adult!

Once you have a selection of dried leaves, you and your heirs can craft away to your heart’s content.

Pot Painting

If it’s too cold to enjoy a little outdoor time, why not use half term to give your garden pots a make-over? At this point in the year, you’ve probably given up on your summer flowering blooms and are ready to embrace the winter. If so, give your containers a good clear out and a clean with soapy water and set your kids lose on them with a paintbrush and some paint. Of course, you can make this activity as permanent as you like: if you have a budding Picasso, use acrylic paint for a long-lasting painted pot. If not, children’s poster paint will quickly wash off in the rain long after the fun has been forgotten.

Popcorn Bird Garland

This is a great way to dress up your outside space and feed your garden birds at the same time. Take a length of twine and thread it through pieces of popcorn, dried fruit, beautiful autumn leaves, and anything else that takes your fancy. Make sure it’s attached safely and out of the way of any children or pets once its hung.

There you have it, almost an entire week’s worth of fantastic, cheap, and easy activities for your little ones in the garden – enjoy!