We all love our gardens. Life just wouldn’t be the same without a place outside to call our own. The problem with living in the city is that space is of a premium and we often just don’t have as much as we would like. Whether you have a roof terrace, an itty-bitty balcony or just a doorstep, there’s always something you can do to personalise your space.

Here at The Garden Style Company, we understand that garden design in the city needs to be approached in a different way, and we have a variety of products that can fit! You need products that match your own style, your neighbourhoods and that also accommodate space. Here’s our top 4 products for just that:

Tall Sentry Tool Shed 

One of our standout products for cityscapes is our tall sentry tool shed. With its gabled roof and stylish slim profile it can squeeze into the tightest of spaces and look good at the same time. With two shelves included, you can customise the look to suit both function and aesthetics…either way it will take a surprising amount of clutter! Like all our products, they’re made with sustainably sourced wood, are easy to assemble and contain quality fixtures and fittings. Also available in a larger size, feel free to add a splash of colour with paint to match your other furniture.


Lign Z Planter with Trellis 

This stylish planter design is the perfect choice for anyone wishing to create a contemporary display of climbing plants, whether on a patio, deck or in our case an urban roof terrace. Commended in the LivingETC magazine on their definitive outdoor kit list, it is a totally frost-proof, hardwearing planter that will go on looking great for many years. Its smaller size makes it ideal for smaller spaces and comes pre-assembled for ease of use.


BigEasy Bird Feeder Small 

As the temperatures start to drop, wildlife finds it increasingly hard to find the right food and nutrients needed to survive. If you’re new to bird feed, our small BigEasy bird feeder is the perfect start to a great relationship between you and nature. A tubular design, manufactured in RoxResin® for amazing performance that easily outshines most other costly metal feeders. Just pop it out to hang outside and see your garden come to life in a matter of minutes! If you know what type of birds you want to attract, fill it with your favourite seed and keep an eye out for our feathered friends.


Burgon & Ball Assorted Gloves 

Shortlisted as the 2016 Garden Gift of the Year, our Burgon & Ball gloves come in a range of styles and sizes. Wherever you choose to garden, the basics will never change, and a good pair of gloves will ride the winter storm and bask in the sun as the seasons change. Incredibly hard wearing, they are guaranteed to keep your hands dry and clean on those wet and cold gardening days. The wrist straps help prevent dirt and debris from getting into the gloves and the innovative fabric helps regulate hand temperature and keep things cool.



Whatever it is you want out of your garden, it can be hard to replicate the design of a ‘traditional’ rural space in an urban setting. Finding products that match and don’t look out of place can be a difficult task but these 4 products are a great starting point for any outdoor venture. Whatever you’re working with, there’s always room for customisation, personalisation and of course a bit of garden style. Checkout our full range of products for more inspiration and options.