We’ve all been there haven’t we. Opening the shed on a wintery morning to find mess everywhere. Packets of half used seeds scattered across the floor, tools flung around the place from when we were caught out gardening and it began raining. The last thing you need is to be mooching around your freezing shed looking for the string you thought you once had. My shed isn’t crying out to be cleaned, it’s screaming across my garden like a fog horn.

So how can The Garden Style Company help? Well, we have a range of clever little items to smarten up your sheds but also brighten up your space and make the shed more enjoyable. They won’t, however, do anything about the cold damp feeling of it.

Seed Packet Organiser

If you’re anything like me, the shed is something of an Aladdin’s cave of seeds. Seeds scattered everywhere, under tins, on shelves, some are even under the watchful protection of my garden gnomes this winter. I recently found some tomato seeds that looked like they were from 1984. Who makes seed packets luminous pink and green nowadays?

I found them when I was looking around the shed for seeds to put in my seed packet holder, courtesy of Burgon & Ball. As well as looking incredibly stylish, it holds all of my seeds! It comes with individual compartments to split up the seeds into different sections and even little envelopes to keep half packets of open seeds, rather than balancing them precariously on the side.

Shed Tidy

No prizes for guessing what the idea of this contraption is. Quite literally the pinnacle of gifts for a Dad/Grandad on Christmas/Father’s Day. There are some things that just won’t ever have a real place in the shed. Twine for example, string, secateurs, scissors. All not important enough to have a specific place, but all essential for any gardener.  The shed tidy looks absolutely brilliant, in a lovely maroon colour, but also means that the scissors finally have a place in the shed.

Bird Feed Tin

By now you may have seen The Garden Style Companies Bird care range, full of different and helpful tools to bring those birds into your garden this winter. But where do you keep the seed for the birds? I used to have an ugly old sack of bird food permanently in the corner of my shed, which I’d trudge down to on a rainy Decembers morning with my feeders to refill. However, now my filling up experience is a little different. I have four feeders in my garden, one of which is the lifetime bird feeder (excellent by the way, a bird feeder with a lifetime guarantee, think of the birds that’ll feed over the coming years) however I digress. The attack is now slightly different:

The bird feed tin has revolutionised my winter top up. Now in the morning, I grab the bird feed tin and head for the garden. Fill the four hassle free without four trips to the shed, and then dive back into the warm and watch the birds swarm. The little scoop ensures that there’s less time spent getting muddy, wet and cold and more time to get on with worrying about gifts for Christmas.

Bucket in a Bag

The final product I have been using this winter is the clever bucket in a bag. Differing from a conventional bucket, this can be hidden away in the corner of the shed, rather than having to sit there taking up valuable room. The bucket can be used for just about anything, Washing the car, catching the dead heads when pruning, or even carrying rubbish out to the bin, this bucket is surprisingly ridged.  I thought the bucket was going to be flimsy and easy to rip, however it’s honestly turned out to be a revelation. Just please avoid using it as both a pruning bucket and a car wash bucket. I wasn’t best pleased to see the scratch on my car where I’d dragged a rose thorn across it.

To conclude the Burgon & Ball range from The Garden Style Company not only makes your shed look like a useable space, it’s also incredibly useful in the coming winter months.