This is the season to be jolly. Or maybe not jolly, maybe a panicking mess as you do your Christmas shopping last minute. If you’re like me, after last year you promised yourself you’d get Christmas started early. And yet here we are, in the beginning of December, there’s not a present in sight and not even an idea as to what you can buy for your loved ones.

Here at the Garden Style company we have a handful of gifts for the keen gardener in the family that we know they will love this Christmas.

Lifetime™ Bird Feeder Bundle

What’s not to love about the bundle bird feeders. A LIFETIME guarantee. For all those times a cat has jumped up and broken the feeder, or a pesky squirrel, that will no longer be a problem with this lifetime feeders. Just call the helpful line provided and they will send you the replacement parts. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and easy to fill, what a bonus!

 IDEAL FOR: Bird watchers, lovers of wildlife and start up gardeners.

Burgon & Ball Cat Treat Tin

This lovely Burgon and Ball treat tin is perfect for your mother in law with the cat. Or the neighbour with the cat. Or the sister with the cat. You get the recurring theme, right?

Some gardeners love them, some can’t stand them. Cats will always divide opinion. However, for the people that do love them, this tin is perfect. They can keep bits and bobs in there for the garden, or just put their cat’s treats in there. The possibilities are endless.

IDEAL FOR: Cat lovers (did I make that clear)

Indoor Pot Trolleys

Anyone with indoor plants knows how difficult it can be to drag them across the floor, and in some cases how painful. I know a few people who have put there back out doing similar activities. For those indoor gardeners, we have the perfect solution. Pot trollies with specially designed casters for indoor use.  No scratches on the floor, no dragging of the pot, and more room for the plant to breath.

This is the perfect gift for someone who struggles with back complaints or joint pain. You are literally helping their health by buying one of these! 

Medium Wooden Cold Frame (double opening)

Getting to the more expensive of the gifts in this blog, what about a frame that’s built for the cold? Seems applicable this time of year. Cold frames are useful to literally every gardener in the UK. They help start the seedlings and protect them from the tough frosts throughout December and beyond.  Any gardener who doesn’t have one will struggle to comprehend how they got by before once you have brought them this for Christmas.

So there we have it, all the items we have on this list are available and if you order before the 20th of December we ensure you’ll get it before Christmas for some last minute wrapping. So now that’s Christmas sorted for 2016, its time to put your feet up, pull on that Christmas jumper, crack open the mulled wine and find that Cliff Richard LP. Let’s relax this Christmas!