Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Air Plants.

Today we’re looking at the miraculous mystery that is: the air plant.

What are they? How on earth do they survive? Where did they come from?

If questions like these keep you awake at night (or, you’re just a little curious), then read on, and all will be revealed.

There are almost 700 different varieties of air plant, but all are characterised by their ability to survive, grow, and thrive without soil. Yes, that’s right, without soil.

What kind of plant-based magic is this, we hear you ask?!


Air plants originate on the American continent and get everything they need from the air around them rather than from deep underground. They have roots to secure themselves to trees, rocks, the ground and so on, but they don’t actually work to feed the plants themselves.

Their special leaves are shaped and designed to take in everything they need from the air – hence the name. These guys really can grow just about anywhere, apparently surviving in a way that regular plants just can’t.

Air plants love a bit of warm weather and are very easy to grow making them a great indoor houseplant for forgetful plant keepers.

How to Grow Air Plants
Air plants are seriously easy to look after. All they need to be happy, is a warm environment (like your home), and good air circulation. A daily misting in the summer months and a weekly spray during the winter should provide all the liquid they need – you may need to adjust this schedule according to the variety you have picked, or if your plant starts to look unhappy.

Air plants need a decent feed every month and need to be keep out of full sunlight. These would be the only tricky requirements these strange little plants have.

Decorating with Air Plants

Because air plants don’t need soil, they also don’t need a traditional plant container to grow in. This means you can really let your creative home decorating skills blossom when it comes to decorating with air plants.

You could try a special air plant terrarium, a craft ball, or even woven into a wicker basket or through an indoor tree.


Air plants are more formally known as tillandsia and as we mentioned above, there are over 700 hundred varieties to choose from.

Air plant keepers are a special breed – many have a great passion for these crazy wee plants. Consequently, there are literally tons of websites out there dedicated to every conceivable way to grow and keep these strange plants.

For the air plant pro, Gordon C, Mystic Burgundy, and the fantastically spherical Andreana are varieties of Tillandsia that require a little more know-how.

There are even websites that focus on specialty habitats for your air plants. You can buy into moss-growing, pre-prepared settings, and even gemstones for your precious air plant – we did say there are some very dedicated air plant growers…

How about checking out a spot of air plant growing for yourself this weekend?