Those of us with fingers of a greenish hue, know full well the benefits to mind and body of tending our beloved gardens. Come hail, snow, frost, come freezing temperatures, and summer heat waves, we’re out there, whatever the weather, and whatever the time of year. We know how some deep breaths in the fresh air of the early morning can fill our senses and soothe the soul before the onslaught of the day begins in earnest. We know equally that a quick potter about with a watering can and a trowel after a long day stuck in the office, can make us feel like a human being again rather than a machine. But did you know there really are some proven benefits to taking up the gardening habit? No? Then read on…


Moderate Exercise

According to the Saga website, a recent study undertaken by Kansas State University, finds that gardening is brilliant exercise. Far from a gentle spot of weeding, when you take into account the heavy lifting, mowing, and digging, then gardening is actually a pretty strenuous form of exercise. In this way, the keen gardener can easily tot up a good few hours of decent exercise that works all the major muscle groups as well as getting the heart rate up – the best exercise really doesn’t feel like exercise at all when it’s something you love.


Stress Relief

According to the same Kansas State University study, gardening is one brilliant way to beat stress. Compared to reading alone, gardening is miles more effective at beating stress and reducing the stress hormone, cortisol. Of course, this is something we already knew didn’t we?! Spending time out there in the fresh air, being connected to the land and dependent on none other than Mother Nature really is a top way to off-set the stresses and strains of modern life and technological dependency.


Improved Diet

When you’ve raised the finest broccoli right from seed, the very first thing you’re going to want to do is taste the fruits of your labour. Same goes for your strawberries, your lettuce, your beans, peas… you get the drift. When you grow your own fruits and veggies, your own diet vastly improves too. When you eat the finest home produce, at its freshest and straight from garden to plate, you know you are eating the finest veg that you can. Depending on your gardening philosophy, eating home-grown, means there are no pesticides, no air miles, and no farmers getting a raw deal from massive supermarket chains.


So, there you have it. Nothing we didn’t already know here at The Garden Style Company, but gardening really is good for the mind, and the body. Now you’re in on our little secret, get out there and pull a few weeds, mow that lawn and prune that tree. Getting your weekly exercise allowance really is as easy as pulling on the wellies and gardening gloves and getting out into your garden.