Ah, May. A lovely month; the weather has finally warmed up, trees and plants are almost in full leaf, and you start to remember the joy of a beautiful garden in bloom.

Of course, serious pro gardeners are a hardy bunch who have been gardening in all weathers, all year round. Those of us with slightly more sensitive gardening temperaments, might just be getting started with a few bedding plants along with a tentative trip or two into the garden beds for a spot of weeding.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration for the month of May, read on!

What to sow

You may well be on second or even third sowings round about now. Keep going but do have a think about sowing some Sweet Williams, caulis, and spinach seeds either for the first time, or as a repeat sowing. 


What to plant out

Almost all your seedlings and bedding plants can be planted out now. If the weather holds, get your beans out (French and Runners), along with marrows, courgettes and broccoli. Don’t plant out tomatoes just yet – it’s still a little cold for these guys. Best to wait until June – especially if you want to avoid a crop of entirely green toms.

May tips

We’re probably past the last of the late frosts now – probably ­– but it’s still worth keeping an eye on the weather, especially if you’ve taken the plunge and started hardening off tender seedlings.

Weeds are sprouting up all over the place so a weekly hoe of your garden beds is a really good move. If you get them early enough, they shouldn’t be too difficult to keep on top of.

Mulch and fertilise any growing areas – beds, or veg patches. Veggies and plants will be soaking up any nutrients they can get their hands on now, ready to get growing big and strong later in the summer.

Get out there and deal with slugs. A very unpleasant job matched only by the horrible shock of finding all your hard work undone by a midnight slug munching- binge. Check out our previous post on slugs and how to deal with them for more advice.

Greenfly are starting to pop up their horrid little green heads. Keep well on top of these pests by carefully checking susceptible plants like roses, and tulips.

As gorgeous as forget-me-nots are, do thin them out now to prevent them from taking over your whole garden.

If you have any evergreen trees in your garden, now is the time to get out there and give them a bit of a trim. Remember, it is very costly to get them chopped professionally once they reach a certain height. Far better to keep them at a height you can control with a stepladder and a pair of shears

Finally, lawn mowing should take off round about this time of year. Here at The Garden Style Company, we’re averaging about twice monthly mows at the moment, but any minute now, do expect to get out there every week to keep your lawn looking pristine.


Get out there and enjoy your May garden!


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