There is no greater topic to get gardeners roused than weeds and weeding. We covered this topic a few days ago but it is such a big area that we thought we’d (see what we did there?!) revisit it today.

There are a million gardener’s myths and legends about the perfect way to see off weeds. Unfortunately, it often comes down to elbow grease and hard manual work.

We always recommend a green approach to weeding. Keep in mind that any pesticide use is harmful not only to wildlife, but also to you – especially if you’re growing your own fruit and veg in your garden.

If you need top green weeding tips, look no further.

Weed after rain
It is far easier to pull weeds in their entirety after a good downpour. Similarly, if you’re struggling with weeds popping up between the cracks of your paving, or even around the edges of your house, try dowsing the offenders with boiling water which not only makes them easier to pull, but also kills them down to the root.

A little at a time
It’s so overwhelming to face your whole garden at the same time. Far better to tackle your weeds in small, but regular, bursts. Try ten minutes every other day to start with. Who knows, you may find it all becomes quite therapeutic after a while!

Weed control
Space is the biggest problem when it comes to controlling weeds. The more space you leave, the easier it is for seeds to set in. Plant tightly together but do remember to leave enough space for each plant to grow. If you are leaving a bare patch for a season perhaps, it can be a good idea to plant something like a fast growing annual. Doing this will not only ensure weeds are kept at bay, but can also be used to add valuable nutrients to your soil.

Don’t compost!
If you have your own compost set-up at home, do not be tempted to add weeds. It’s far safer to let the council take care of them as council composting generally takes place at much higher temperatures than you can reach in a standard garden bin. As a rule, you need temps upwards of 60 degrees in order to kill off weed seeds.

One of the most pocket and environment friendly weed killers available may just be sitting in your pantry cupboard. Because of its high acetic acid content, humble vinegar is an excellent weed killer, and is incredibly cheap to buy. Acetic acid works by dehydrating the plant and can be strengthened by adding washing up liquid. Vinegar does come with some limitations however as it does not kill the root, may need to be reapplied often, and kills anything it touches – not just your weeds.

In summary, we’ve given you five great green weeding tips to get you started. You can choose from any or all of these options. Pull your gloves on and get started!