Here at The Garden Style Company, we like nothing better than a bold and showy display of beautiful Autumn colour.

What finer way to spend the first chilly days of the season than a mooch round a gorgeous old park on the hunt for conkers?

If you’d like to recreate the joys of autumn in your back garden, then today’s post is for you. We’ve got our top five plants and shrubs for Autumn colour – whether it’s beautiful blooms or more substantial trees and shrubs that grab you, we’ve got you covered.

Red Twig Dogwood
You get a lot of bang for your buck with Red Twig Dogwood. Not only do you have bright green stems during the summer months, but you also get a fab Autumn display when the stems turn vivid red come September.

These guys grow up to 8 feet tall and look amazing when planted in a group or as an informal hedge. They should be cut back by a third each year to keep them in good shape and health.

Bright yellow rudbeckia comes into bloom in early Autumn and will complement your autumn garden as well as providing a bright spot of colour once the best of your summer garden has long since faded away. Rudbeckias are very easy going and are pretty tolerant of harsh treatment by a forgetful gardener. They do like a top up of compost and a mulch each year, and it’s important to cut them back hard after the first frosts – right down to an inch or so above ground. They are great value as well as they can be divided in the spring after about three year’s growth.

Virginia Creeper
This is a real favourite here at The Garden Style Company. Not only do you get great creeping cover for your walls and borders, but you also get a glorious burst of the brightest and most vivid reds and pinks in the autumn. Virginia Creeper is really low maintenance but can grow up to 90 feet long if left to its own devices – great if you’re in need of cover, not so great if you’re short on space.

No Autumn display would be complete without mention of the maple tree. Part of the Acer family, the Japanese Maple offers the quintessential shots of deep red and pink you expect during the autumn. These guys are a little tricky and high maintenance but the golden rule with these delicate souls is to make sure you plant them in a sheltered spot. They don’t like lots of wind and they don’t like bright sun – if you can find a dappled, woodland type of shelter, they will repay you in beautiful displays of autumn colour year after year.

Cherry Blossom Tree
Finally, the tree that feels like part of life in Britain and the tree that gives us two rounds of brilliant displays very year. The Cherry Blossom tree not only produces plumes of beautiful pink blossom in the spring, but also gets ready for a long winter slumber by putting on a bonfire-worthy display of autumn colour each year too. Double win!

These are our top five, which one are you going to plant this weekend?