Top Tools for Beginners: Part Two


Following on from the top tools for beginners part one, here comes tools six to ten in part two. Once you have a shed full of these essentials, you’ll have no excuse but to get out there and start growing. The summer months, and a lovingly tended, beautiful garden is just around the corner.


Number 6: Gloves

Super important but not strictly a tool, gloves will protect your hands from all those thorny plants. Roses and brambles all have the power to do some serious damage to your delicate hands so thick gloves are a must. You need a tough, waterproof pair ideally, that way you can also cut down on the hard work of trying to get ingrained dirt out of your hands after a productive day in the garden. Don’t forget, gloves will also help to protect your hands from any harsh chemicals you might come across too.


Number 7: The Trowel

The gardener’s most trusted friend, a decent hand trowel will be the tool you use most in the garden. From quick jobs in your veg patch, to planting, weeding and all sorts of other things, a trowel is probably the most used tool in the gardener’s arsenal. Make sure you choose a good quality one that sits comfortably in your hand and you’re good to go.


Number 8: The Rake

Whatever you do, leaves are going to fall come the Autumn. A quality rake makes what can be a tough job a million times easier. Rakes also have the added bonus of giving your lawn a decent bit of aeration before it settles down for the winter – two for one!


Number 9: Pruning Tools: Secateurs and Sheers

Your garden is going to grow. You will need to keep it under control and decent sheers and a set of secateurs are the tools to help you do this. Secateurs give you lots of control and are best for making delicate, or very specific cuts and are a hand tool. Sheers are a two-hand job, and best for pruning large shrubs and even smaller tree branches.


Number 10: The Lawnmower

Possibly warranting a thousand articles on its own, the lawnmower is essential if you have any size of lawn. There are three main types: cylinder, hover, and rotary. Hover mowers are both the cheapest and best option for medium sized lawns. If you really want to push the boat out, you can opt for a ride-on. Whatever you choose, make sure you buy the best you can afford and your mower will serve you faithfully for years to come.



We’ve listed the top ten essential tools for gardeners. From tools designed to make your life easier, tools to save your back, and tools that you really can’t do without, make sure you buy the best quality that you can and look after them well. Investing now means you won’t have to replace poor quality tools very often and will undoubtedly save you money in the long run. Enjoy!