Top Ten Tools for Beginners: Part One


This week we’re counting down the top ten garden tools for those of you looking to build a solid tool collection. There are so many options out there and seemingly, there are also tools for every imaginable purpose. To give you most bang for your buck, here’s our guide to the tools you really need in order to keep your garden looking its best.


Number 1: The Spade

Digging is a fact of gardening. Investing in a great quality spade really will make your life easier. You’re going to be using a spade for all kinds of things around the garden but principally for digging. Spades can also be used for edging between beds and lawns, and lifting plants carefully. You want a nice, square and sharp edge and to make sure all the joints are put together really well. Most come with a standard 72cm length – if you’re taller, you may want to look out for longer options.


Number 2: The Hoe

This one is really going to save your back. Designed to make weeding a cinch, all you have to do is run the hoe across your garden beds, and the tool will cut any weeds with ease. There’s no bending over or getting on your knees, its long handle makes light work of one of gardening’s more arduous tasks.


Number 3: The Garden Fork

Friend of the spade, a garden fork is the tool you need both for breaking up the soil in your borders, and for lifting plants. Like the spade, most forks come with a standard 72cm length. You’re definitely going to need a good quality fork if you live in a heavy clay soil area.


Number 4: The Wheelbarrow

Serious gardeners are going to be dealing with large amounts of material like mulch, top soil, compost (bought or home made), and even heavy plants. Depending on the size of your garden, it may be worth investing in a decent barrow to help you cart everything around. If you’ve got a small but perfect courtyard garden, a wheelbarrow is of no use. If you’ve got anything larger, a good barrow will really help you out – also useful for transporting children and lazy cats.


Number 5: The Hose and Watering Can

Although it might feel that we’ve got more than enough rain at the moment, things can change in the summer months (but not always!). You’re going to need to water your plants to make sure all that hard work really pays off. A hose will mean you don’t have to keep re-filling and that you can cover wider areas. Hoses also make for great fun if you have any youngsters in your life too…  A watering can makes light work of any more delicate watering that needs to be done. Any smaller plants or seedlings really benefit from the attention that comes from watering by can.



Stay tuned for the next five in the top ten tools for your garden!