Attracting wildlife to your garden is not only fascinating, but is incredibly important. Maintaining a variety of creatures great and small while environmental changes occur and habitats are lost is the nicest thing you can do for out tiny feathered and furred brethren.

Today we’ve put together six great ways to encourage small and furry visitors to your garden.

If you would like to do your bit for the animal kingdom, but don’t know where to start, read on and find out more.

Make a bug hotel

Leave an area of your garden purposefully full of twigs, branches, logs, and leaves. Making the perfect environment for a plethora of bugs and mini beasts. If you have a wood burning stove, you probably already have a log pile. If you don’t, installing a small log pile makes an attractive addition to your garden and makes the perfect habitat for a whole range of tiny creatures.

Insect Hotel

Leaf pile

‘Leafing’ a pile of dead leaves and rotting wood stumps is a fab way to attract frogs, toads and newts (see what we did there?!). These creatures love damp spots so it would be even better if you could form an area in a dark and shady spot of your garden just for them.

leaf Piles

Put in a pond

You may not like the idea of a pond – especially if you have small children. Ultimately it is your decision and only you know what’s best for your family and your garden. Do keep in mind that ponds create a brilliant habitat for all sorts of creatures and provide a valuable drinking source for many others besides.

frog in pond

Frog and hedgehog-flap

Leave a little gap under your fence panels or cut out a hole, to encourage hedgehogs and frogs to travel around your neighbourhood. If you’ve created the perfect hedgehog environment, doing this makes it easier for our prickly friends to move about and find their perfect home.


Plant a native hedgerow

If you’re looking to replace a section of fencing, why not think about planting a native hedgerow instead? Birch, beech, oak and hawthorn are all native and make for a much more interesting division between you and your neighbour.


Bird feeders and tables

This one might seem obvious but supplying the local bird population with good fresh food and water is a brilliant way to attract all sorts of birds to your garden. Similarly, installing a small bird house on the side of your wall for a burgeoning bird family is the perfect way to bring nature closer to you.

bird feeder

We’ve got a range of great products to help you look after any feathered and furry friends you manage to attract. Why not check out our Burgon and Ball bird seed tins – perfect for storing all your nuts and seeds all year round. We’ve also got a great range of birdcare products so be sure to check them out.

So, try out one – or all – of our wildlife attracting tips and bring nature into your garden.