Everywhere you look, the humble tomato hides. Everywhere you go, people avoid you for fear of having to refuse yet more donations of lovingly home-grown tomatoes.

If this sounds like you, then read on and see how to deal with tricky toms. From problems with colour, to what to do with a glut, we’ve got you covered.

What if they’re all still green?

If your tomato glut is full of green, un-ripe toms, then fear not, there is a solution.

Firstly, your toms might just need a little more time. Unless the first frosts are nipping at your heels, one way to get your fruit to ripen is by giving it more time on the vine.


A way to tell if your tomatoes have the potential to turn red, is to cut one open and see if the seeds are contained in a jelly-like substance. If they are, there is every possibility that they will turn red in time. If not, it’s time for fried green tomatoes my friend.


Another excellent tip we picked up from our awesome gardening connections, is to perch a ripe banana in amongst your tomato plants - near to the fruit. Bananas have amazing ripening skills thanks to the fact that they release ethylene (as do a number of other fruits). The fancy name to describe this top skill, is: climacteric. So, now you know…

Too many toms!

If you’re faced with too many toms in your harvest, first off, well done and lucky you! If you are absolutely inundated, get cooking. After giving away as many as is socially acceptable to friends, neighbours, and colleagues, it’s time to get busy in the kitchen.


Knock up huge batches of homemade pasta sauce, whip up a batch of your very own salsa, go for a cool option with a homemade tomato pasta salad, whizz up some tomato soup, get chopping for bruschetta, and last but not least, eat them whole and raw - toms are seriously healthy and packed full of vitamins and antioxidants.


If you have the space, a huge tomato batch cooking session could see you right through winter with lashings of freezer-happy homemade pasta sauce - perfect for a quick and healthy meal after a long day at work.


We have heard tell of people making skin treatments like facial cleansers and even sunburn soothers but we’re not too sure about this one...


What to do with too many green toms

If you’ve got too many green toms on your hands, you may feel like giving in and heading to the compost bin. Before you do, why not give fried green tomatoes a go? It’s super easy and super delicious to boot.

Simply slice them up, coat with egg, coat with batter, season well and stick them in the frying pan. A great addition to a good old cooked breakfast and they even have a film named after them.


Another final idea is to make a green tomato chutney that you can wow your dinner guests with for months to come.


Here’s to a season of tomato experimentation!