Gardening gloves are a great idea for lots of reasons. Seasoned pros can’t do without a few pairs dotted about here and there, and beginners shouldn’t shy away either. It’s good to have a few pairs suited to different jobs made from different materials such as leather ones, a waterproof pair, and a cheap work, or ‘rigger’ pair of gloves.

It might feel odd to wear gardening gloves especially when the weather is warm and you’re attempting delicate work like seed sowing, plant transferring, and twine tying. Really though, it’s a matter of finding the right pair for you. Some jobs require gloves that fit like a second skin, and some need a tough pair that can withstand even the spikiest of plants, or the heaviest of lifting.

Here at the Garden Style Company, we’ve got a range of gloves made from really tough materials that can stand up to the worst (or best!) your garden can throw at you.

Try our leather trimmed, padded gloves for tough jobs with thorns, or heavy lifting, or our denim and leather-trimmed pair for general heavy jobs around the garden. For the fashion conscious amongst you, try our tough leather-trimmed retro-styled gloves. Beautiful, but tough – like a true gardener. Ours are made from the highest quality materials and are award winning. Grab a pair now!

With all this in mind, there are three very good reasons why you should invest in gardening gloves.

Prevent damage to your hands
A good pair of gardening gloves will protect your delicate, well-cared for hands from all that the garden can do to you. Hands are really important; they help us make sense of the world and they help us to do all sorts of things, thousands of times a day, every day. Good gloves will protect your hands from: rough and painful skin, splinters, soggy soil, and damage caused by heavy lifting. In the cooler months, they will also protect your hands from the weather.

Prevent cuts and nail damage
Rose and bramble pruning can wreak havoc on your hands, and your clothes. Investing in a tough and fit for purpose pair of gloves made from leather or tough denim, will really prevent serious damage from occurring.

Prevent contact with bacteria
However organic or environmental you are as a gardener, all garden soil carries bacteria and assorted other bugs. These little critters normally work with you to help your veggies grow and your flowers to bloom but sometimes, your garden’s ecosystem can get out of balance, or some other bugs can end up being introduced from elsewhere (we’re looking at you, cats and dogs…). Well-maintained gardening gloves will protect your body – and your health.

So, before you get pruning and planting  make sure you grab a pair of gloves – your hands will thank you.


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