The Lazy Gardener: A Guide To The Easy Life.


Gardeners come in all shapes and sizes. Some of us want elaborate Japanese-style gardens, some want a productive kitchen garden, and some of us, just want a nice place for a cup of tea and the odd barbecue.


If you’re looking for easy options to help your garden look great with the least fuss, read on for our guide to the plant-and-go-garden.


Go Wild

Let part of you garden take a walk on the wild side. As well as bumping up stocks of native wild flowers, wild patches do a great job for butterflies and other friends from the animal kingdom. Once you’ve let go, you should start to see the magical appearance of native plants like Red Campion and wild grasses.



In order to avoid anything back-breaking like weeding, one option open to the ultimate lazy gardener is to lay some membrane and gravel over patches of your garden, or over your whole                                     

lawn area. Though initially hard work, the membrane will ensure that no pesky weeds are able to poke through, and a gravelled area also has the added bonus of deterring any troublesome neighbourhood cats. Gravelled areas and wild patches can make for a very striking garden design.



Sow Once

Self-seeders like borage, sunflowers, poppies and even some edibles can save you tons of time. These guys do the hard work for you by spreading their seed around the areas they have grown free of charge, year after. This means you just have to plant plugs of these varieties, or sow them once, and then they should take care of everything else themselves. Borage in particular grows like a treat and there is very little that you can do about it. Even if you have the curse of death when it comes to plants, you really can’t go wrong with borage. The only time you might have to worry is if your self-seeding plants have gone wild and started to take over the neighbouring gardens as well. In this case, you might have to do a little thinning out – but again, this is a very easy job.


A once a week mow is hardly high maintenance but if you have a small garden or are child free, then ditching the lawn can be a real time saver. So whether you choose the easy once a week mow or to landscape your lawn area with gravel, this is one area where you can really make some effort savings. Just make sure your think environmentally and don’t go for the fake turf option – especially if you’re in a part of the country likely to flood.


Planting Options

If you still want the benefit of beautiful flowers come the summer, there are good choices for the lazy gardener. Flowering shrubs, clematis, and herbaceous perennials all make for a good show with the least effort. These options all have the added benefit of dying back quite cleanly and so take care of any winter tidying issues as well.


Gardens needn’t be hard work. Making good planting choices and thinking about landscaping can all help the lazy gardener to plant-and-go. All you have to do is reap the benefits of an easy, and beautiful garden all year round.