That’s easy for you to say…

Rhododendrons often get a bit of a bad press for their garden bully-boy reputation.

Here at The Garden Style Company however, we think that bad press is undeserved. There’s nothing better than a lovely Rhododendron to brighten up a shady patch of your garden, or to inject a bit of much needed colour to boring borders.

Rhododendrons are originally woodland dwellers so they don’t really like full sun – though they can tolerate most growing conditions. They prefer dappled sunlight and this makes them perfect for shady bits of your garden that need a little va va voom.

Though Rhododendron do like to be well watered, making them kind of perfect for a typical British climate, they don’t like boggy conditions so make sure you choose a good spot that drains well after heavy rainfall.

Planting in the Autumn months should give new plants plenty of time to settle in before they get to work in the spring.

Soak the root ball of your plant before you plant it up, then dig a hole about two thirds the size of the root ball to allow the roots to stretch out. Even though your new plant will be on the small side, make sure you give it lots of space so it doesn’t compete with anything else in your garden for water – these are seriously thirsty plants.

Rhododendrons prefer slightly acidic conditions so make sure you add plenty of well-rotted organic material like leaf mould or homemade compost – don’t add anything alkaline based. If you know you have alkaline soil, you can grow Rhododendrons in a pot or large container filled with ericaceous soil. Why not check out our brilliant range of huge containers? They’re perfect for all sorts of large plant varieties.

Pop your plant in the hole, firm down the soil well and give it another full watering. Topping the whole lot off with bark would be a good move as it mimics the woodland growing conditions they’re use to.


Rhododendrons come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. In fact, there are over a thousand species of them out there to choose from.

These guys can grow!

Why not plant up a beautiful Rhododendron this Autumn?

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