Garlic has some serious credentials. Not only does it have the power to repel at fifty paces, it also has some pretty impressive healthy powers too.

Garlic is a really potent anti-oxidant that has the power to boost your health in general. It’s also been said to help in the fight against corns, warts, and verrucae, helps to keep your gums healthy, and fights bacteria and fungi thanks to its awesome anti-septic properties. Of course, it also tastes blummin’ lovely and really is the pivotal ingredient in super healthy Mediterranean cooking and in Asian dishes as well.

Our first tip is to make sure you buy garlic bulbs for planting form the garden centre – supermarket eating garlic might carry disease and may struggle to grow in the great British climate.

Aim to plant your garlic cloves between January and March once the soil isn’t so frost bound. Make sure your soil is really well prepared – make sure you’ve got rid of pesky weeds and added in plenty of well-rotted organic matter. Also make sure you have enough space, garlic is a plant that doesn’t like being to crammed in with everything else.

Your garlic will arrive in a bulb. Make sure you carefully break it into cloves a few hours before you want to plant it. Make sure you don’t damage it in any way so that each clove can grow to its full potential.

Make sure your growing young garlic is kept well-watered, especially during dry periods – water makes bulbs nice and fat.

When to harvest your crop depends on what type you have. Make sure you work out whether you have hard or soft necked garlic then amend your harvesting schedule accordingly. As a rule of thumb, once the leaves have started to yellow is the right time.

Once you’ve harvested your garlic crop, lay the bulbs out somewhere dry and airy in order to dry out. Some people call this ‘curing’.

Once they’ve taken on that familiar papery texture, trim back the roots and they’re ready to store until you want to eat them. Make sure you store in a ventilated container either separately or plaited together by the leaves.

Pick out your biggest juiciest bulb and use this to plant next season. Doing this means you should have enough garlic to last until your next crop comes in the following year – garlic really is a super easy little thing to grow.

Well-stored garlic can sometimes last up to a year depending on the variety but most will certainly last a good six months or so.

Top tip
You can also grow garlic in a container if you’re short on space. Why not check out our fab range of beautiful pots and portable veg beds?

Growing garlic is basically ensuring an almost free supply forever more. Once you work out that one clove will grow into one bulb, it’s easy to see that growing your own is fantastic value for money – win win!