Planting for an Edible Garden


Harvesting your own home-grown veggies is a real treat for any gardener. There are lots of ways to grow an edible garden – don’t be limited by vegetables and fruit. We’ve put together a great planting guide to the ultimate edible garden. Read on!


Flowering plants

There are loads of flowering plants that can be eaten and can make sweet accessories to meals and drinks. For some knock-out flower power in your edible garden, make sure to plant borage, daylilies, nasturtium, viola, hibiscus, and roses whose petals can be added to salads, cocktails and ice cubes. Depending on what you plant, you can add some colour and spice to your salad with some nasturtium leaves, or subtle hints of delicate flavour with rose petals. Make your own cordials and wine with elderflower and get creative with versatile lavender that can be added to all sorts of foods but tastes especially good in cookies. Courgettes give you two for one as you can eat both the fruit, and the flower with tempura-battered courgette flower a real treat.




Our top tip is to choose veggies you know you like to eat. There are lots of guides out there to crop rotation but really, growing veg you enjoy or that makes a good investment compared to supermarket prices, is a really sensible choice. There is nothing nicer than munching though some of your own home-grown purple sprouting broccoli during a winter roast. Growing your own also means you can experiment with varieties not sold in supermarkets or greengrocers like strawberry spinach (which gives you leaves and fruit) and tomatilloes – a must for any homemade salsa.





Growing fruit is a really easy way to gain confidence in your own edible garden. Soft fruits like raspberries and blackberries virtually take care of themselves while fruits like strawberries need a little more TLC. Don’t forget about the good old fruit tree – year after year of effortless fruit – for free! If you fancy armfuls of raspberries come late summer, plant some canes in a sheltered position being careful to note that they can grow very large and get out of control quite easily. You can also plant them in containers so they make a great option for any size garden.

 Lemons In Lierre Planter


Whether you opt for indoor delicate herbs grown on your windowsill, or for more hardy varieties like rosemary out in your garden, no edible garden would be complete without a decent selection of herbs. Even if you have a tiny container garden, herbs can be grown anywhere. Coriander and basil make good indoor options and you should find that home-grown plants last a lot longer than hot-housed supermarket versions. Rosemary, mint and garlic grow very well in most soils and can be dotted about your garden or grown in containers for easy access when you’re cooking.



There is nothing nicer than your very own mini-harvest of blackberries and raspberries, or a quick snip of fresh basil for your spag bol. Baking a delicious cake with your own fruit or finishing off a roast with your own veggies is just one of the most satisfying feelings for any gardener. Growing your own can be a great way to encourage picky eaters too – whatever their age.


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