Today’s post focuses on trellis planters. We’ve got some great planters that come ready-made with beautiful trelliswork. If you’re looking to make the most of your garden with a great planter and beautiful climbing plants, look no further than The Garden Style Company.


Best climbers

Climbing plants are brilliant at screening-off specific areas of the garden and for providing interest and often fragrance around the year. Ivy, clematis, wisteria, honeysuckle, and star jasmine are all excellent examples of climbing plants. They all have the potential to grow to great heights – sometimes up to thirty feet, so make sure you keep yours under control with regular pruning.


Best Wall Shrubs

You might consider wall shrubs that can be ideal when grown in a planter as it helps to keep their size under control – especially good if you have a smaller garden. Ipomoea, pyracantha, and abutilon are all stunners and produce beautiful and colourful flowers when they bloom. Wall shrubs make a good backdrop to low-growers that you might want in the base of your planter, or they can work just as well on their own.


Preparing the Planter

Choose one of our brilliant planters complete with attached trellising– made of high quality materials, they’re long lasting and suitable for all weather. They come with wooden feet for drainage and a liner so they take all the hard work out of gardening.


Fill the bottom of your planter with large gravel or a layer of broken pots to assist drainage. Planter gardening needs to work hard to ensure plants don’t become waterlogged. Next, fill your planter about two-thirds up with a good quality, peat-free compost mixed in with a good handful of perlite to aid drainage even more.


Good combinations

Adding low-growing plants to your planter can really liven up the overall look. You might also think about letting some climbers trail over the edge. English ivy can work well in this situation but do be careful not to let it grow out of control.

A few plants of lavender, or even some bedding plants like petunia, or hardy annuals like pansies can work well to add colour, variety, and interest to your planter. Depending on what you choose, you may also find your plants offer additional scent, possibly at different times of the day. For example, honeysuckle smells particularly lovely during the dusk whereas, geraniums belt out their powerful, and healing scent all day long in sunny conditions.


Rambling and climbing roses make a great plant to start off your vertical garden. Ramblers look great over slightly larger areas so may be best suited to one of our fab pergolas. Climbers are fairly slow growing but do flower repeatedly for an entire season. Look out for varieties like Beautiful Sunrise with its blush, coral pink flowers , and Blush Rambler which produces particularly lovely flowers, almost like cherry blossom trees.


Final Tip

Make sure you select the right plant for the right location by paying careful attention to label instructions. Before you buy, work out exactly where you want your plant. Shade loving specimens won’t thank you for full sun and vice versa.