Front gardens are often over-looked. Even though they’re the first thing that greets us after a long and weary day in the office, we often pass through as quickly as possible shutting the door behind us as firmly as we can.

With a rise in rental properties as well, the front garden is on the decline according to one recent report.

A little hard graft can make a real difference to your front garden – and who knows, could even bring a smile to your face every time you pull into your drive.

We’ve got four tips for improving your front garden for you today – enjoy!

Parking for cars and caravans
Depending on the size of your front garden, you may need to factor in parking for one or more cars and maybe even a caravan or work van. If you are regularly parking a vehicle on your driveway, you need to ensure it can cope. Make sure you have a deep and solid layer of hard core and then possibly concrete depending on the surface you want. Popular options including paving, brickwork, tarmac, and resin bonded surfaces.

Front gardens are often open for anyone and everyone to see. In addition, it is very easy to wander off the street into someone’s garden and help yourself – if you are criminally minded of course. For this reason, it’s best to avoid leaving planters, ornaments, or anything else that you treasure out for the taking. We’ve even heard of thieves digging up a valuable palm tree form someone’s front garden – yes, really.

You may also need to factor in storage for your wheelie bins or even some sort of bike locking system. You can buy all sorts of screening rigs these days for hiding your array of rainbow bins. You can even make one for yourself very easily using screening panels from your local DIY centre. There is no denying that wheelie bins are unsightly, if you’re in the position of needing to store them in the front of your house, look into ways of making them a little more discreet.

Low Maintenance
The ultimate tip for a stress-free front garden is to make it as low maintenance as possible. Don’t plant tender varieties of plants or shrubs, and avoid fast-growing and invasive plants like bamboo. Opting for hardy choices, self-seeders, and hardworking but easy-going shrubs really is the best way to make sure your front garden is as stress-free as possible. Another charming solution is to plant a super-easy lavender border. A well-established lavender border will mean you are met with a swathe of sweet-smelling plants every time you come home.

So, there you have it, four top tips for easily improving your front garden. Whatever your skill level, it’s well worth upping your front garden game. Getting the front of your house right not only makes your arrival home feel a little special every time, but can even raise the value of your home. Go on, what are you waiting for?!