A Pergola can make a beautiful and stylish addition to any garden. Designed to offer the cover of gorgeous plants in the high heat of the summer, pergolas can form the focal point of your garden entertaining area, or even offer a secret hide-away for an illicit mid afternoon nap.

Do make sure you buy a good quality pergola that can cope with the potential weight of several full-grown climbers. Ours are made from the highest quality materials and will last for years thanks to the treated European pine. 

Pergolas are designed so that fast growing climbers can scramble up and then arch gracefully across the top supports once they reach their full climbing potential.

In today’s post, we’re looking at the perfect plants for your pergola, how to get them growing, and keep them looking their best – right the way through summer.

Perfect Plants

The perfect plants for pergolas are fast growing, need minimal care and attention, and are well suited to your soil. There are so many varieties of climbers out there that we’ve chosen three to discuss today – otherwise we’d be here forever.

Scented, and flowering climbers make great options for a pergola. There are few nicer things than a balmy summer’s evening spent under a beautifully scented pergola – picture the scene; a glass of something nice and bubbly, nibbles to graze on, good friends gathered… roll on summer!

Making your choice

Some climbers are self-clinging and some will need support. Self-clingers are easier to get started with as plants that need support will require a little preparation in the way of wires, a trellis, or by tying in strong sections. Our pergolas come with ready-installed trellising so you’re all set to get started straight out of the box.


Clematis, on the other hand, will need some support and fixing as it can’t stick on its own. There are tons of varieties out there, depending on what type of flower you prefer, two popular options are Clematis Montana, and Clematis Armandii. Both of these plants are great climbers though its only Montana that is evergreen.


Japanese Wisteria is a dreamy plant. Deciduous, this plant is covered with long, weeping, light purple flower clusters from late spring that need to be pruned back after flowering. This really is gorgeous climbing up over doorways, along fences, or dropping gently from a pergola.


Honeysuckle is strongly scented and produces beautiful flowers of red, white and yellow. It can grow up to 30 feet in ideal conditions and with support, and looks amazing weaving though taller plants and trees like willows. 


It can be a good idea to plant a number of different climbers on your pergola. This way, you could have a year-round supply of blooming plants, as well as scented flowers that release their perfume at different times of the day.

So, check out our range of pergolas and get your summer sorted. Create the perfect outdoor dining space for your garden with a pergola and your favourite climbers – beautiful.