There is something beautifully ethereal about a swathe of tall grasses blowing gently in a hot summer breeze. Tall stems of willowy stems, topped with fluffs of flowers all towering over the rest of your planting. Read on for the Garden Style company guide to ornamental grasses.

Grasses are calming, and can be a useful antidote to busy and colourful summer borders. They usually come in neutral tones and depending on which variety you choose, can add some useful height to your garden.

Ornamental grasses are also pretty versatile. You can choose varieties that suit all sorts of different types of soils, and many varieties can often be planted in borders or in containers. Whatever size garden you have, there is an ornamental grass variety out there for you.

With so many varieties out there, which one should you go for? Read on for our top four ornamental grasses.

Feather Reed Grass
Feather reed grass is an early flowering variety. It’s sturdy and grows to about a metre in height. Depending on which type you choose, this tough little plant provides lots of interest not least because it changes colour depending on the time of year – gorgeous.

Feather Reed Grass

Fountain Grass

Fountain grass is a real stunner. Compact in size, this plant produces lovely soft flowers that look a little like a close-up squirrel tail – sweet. These guys flower late in the summer then keep hold of the dried out flowers right the way through winter. This means they make a great option for those of you looking for a little winter architectural interest too.

Fountain Grass


Pampas Grass
Pampas grass has a terrible reputation admittedly (think suburban ‘parties’ and you’re on the right track) but it is a beautiful plant. Tall, willowy, with gorgeous duster shaped flowers this plant can really bring life to dull gardens.

Pampas Grass

Maiden grass

Maiden grass grows well in borders, and thanks to its height and fountain-like shape, provides interest all year round. This plant has variegated foliage and produces tufty silvery flowers that last well into the winter.

Maiden Grass

Grass tips
Most grasses are incredibly easy to grow and tolerate neglectful gardeners very well. In fact, it is better not to give them too much attention – especially in the way of feeding – as this makes the plant put on spectacular foliage growth rather than letting them concentrate on flower growth.

In terms of when to plant your new grass, it is really important that you get them in the ground at the right time of year. Grasses flower before the middle of summer should be planted in the autumn. Whereas, grasses that flower in late summer do better when planted in late spring. Though this might seem a little tricky, planting at the correct time of year helps your new grass to establish well before they have to anything too strenuous like put on foliage growth, or flower.

So, if you’re looking to liven up your garden, or want an easy-care plant solution, why not try out an ornamental grass? These plants are so easy to grow and care for, you’ll wish you’d started with them sooner.