Hurray! Spring is here at last! March is the month where Spring a-springs, lambs start frolicking in the fields, daffodils sway gently in the breeze, and the weather – finally – starts to warm up.

March is also the month that sees many a green-fingered friend rushing off to the garden centre to get their gardening supplies stocked up and to make sure they have everything they need to get their garden looking in tip top condition right through the growing season.

We’ve put together a brief guide to your spring planting to get you started in your garden.

Plant summer flowering bulbs

Now is the time to think ahead and get your summer flowering bulbs planted. Try alliums, freesia and gladioli for starters and for impact. These little bulbs have beautiful flowers full of scent and height just hiding away deep inside. Bulbs are so easy to plant. Work out where you want them to grow, dig a hole, pop in the bulb and re-fill with good quality compost - et voila!


Shallots, onions, and early potatoes all need to go in the veg patch around about now. Make sure they’re equally spaced and ensure you top up the bed with peat-free compost and a little liquid fertiliser to give them a good kick-start.


Asparagus deserves its own little paragraph – such an amazing vegetable and one that needs pretty specific instructions and conditions. Now is the time to plant asparagus beds from crowns. Asparagus is tough to grow but well worth it – especially when you consider how much it can cost in the supermarket. Newly planted crowns are normally year-old dormant plants. They will take around two years to grow to maturity – then you can harvest your very own asparagus.


















Now is the time to start sowing crops of: leeks lettuce, beetroot, and parsnips - to name just a few. See our previous pieces for our guide to seed sowing. For now, here’s a brief re-cap. Get your potting bench out and brew up a nice mix of seed compost and vermiculite. Fill the containers you’ve chosen to grow your seeds in about two thirds full, add the seeds according to the packet instructions paying careful attention to distances and depths. Cover the seeds with a fresh layer of your compost mix and sprinkle with water. You may need to cover the seed tray until germination, but again, the seed packet will tell you this.

Plant fruit trees

Now is the time to plant any fruit trees you have your eye on. Apple, pear, and cherry trees, amongst others, should all be planted in March. First, soak the roots in a bucket of water. Next, dig a hole bigger than the roots and as deep. Plant your tree and don’t forget to add a stake to support the baby tree as it grows.
















March is the time to get busy in the garden. There are loads of jobs to do as well as some serious growing. Pull on those gloves and dust off your trowel – here comes a summer of beautiful flowers and a season of vitamin-packed veggies and fruit; just what you need an a weekend of chocolate-related over indulgence.