If you are a beginner gardener, or if you think you have the curse of doom when it comes to growing flowers, this could be the article you’ve been waiting for. We’ve scoured the land to bring you our top three easy shrubs to help you make an impact in your garden, with the minimum of effort .

Today’s article covers the best of the shrubs that could best be described as ‘love-them-and-leave-thems’.

Filling your borders
Before you get going with love-them-and-leave-thems, you will need to do a bit of hard work to ensure good growing conditions. If you have long-abandoned borders, you will need to spend a good chunk of time earth turning to break up compacted soil before you start planting. Follow this with a good layer of well-rotted compost, then add a decent amount of topsoil. Finish this off with some good quality mulch and your bed will be in tip-top condition and totally ready for action.

If you can, try to remember to feed weekly with a liquid fertilizer and regularly top up with good quality compost. Think of this initial hard work as a return on your investment. A little of bit of elbow grease now, will reap bountiful rewards all summer long and well into autumn if you’re lucky.

Shrubs are definitely the way to go if you’re looking for a very easy love-them-and-leave-them garden. Once you’ve got the hard work out the way (see above), it really is a simple matter of popping these tough cookies into place et voila!

So, which shrubs should you go for?

Bluebeard Shrub
This is a beautiful bloomer that flowers in late summer. Bluebeard is a big draw for both butterflies and bees thanks to its clusters of blue flowers and is super easy to grow. You really can’t go wrong with this one – if you’re looking for a low-maintenance flowering shrub, this one could be just the thing you need.

This tough and super-hardy shrub has sweet yellow flowers that start to appear in late spring and keep going until late autumn. Another big attraction for the butterfly population, Potentilla is very easy to grow and needs hardly any attention despite its good looks.

We are such huge fans of lavender here at the Garden Style Company that any article on shrubs would be lacking if we didn’t include it. Lavender, despite its Mediterranean origins, is almost fool proof as well as smelling utterly divine. It can cope with all sorts of conditions though admittedly it does prefer a drier soil, and it does enjoy the sunshine – but hey, who doesn’t?

Three gorgeous shrubs tough enough to cope with the busiest (or laziest) of wannabe gardeners.

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