June Planter Design

June marks the long awaited arrival of summer. Whether the weather agrees with you or not, now is the time to force a little colour into your garden. Today, we’re taking the best of the June blooms and drawing them into one mighty planting scheme that you can plant up this weekend.

This month’s planter design is based around our classic and beautiful Oléa planter. This one has a 134 litre capacity and is great for making a stylish impact in your garden. Because of its high capacity, we’ve really gone to town with our planting scheme – hold tight and enjoy the ride!

What you will need

• Compost
• Trowel
• Gravel, stones, or broken crockery

• Plants: foxgloves, geraniums, lobelia, phlox (plug plants)



Plants in containers and planters always need a little extra TLC. Because a planter is a specialist growing environment that doesn’t have access to bottomless amounts of space and soil, plants will need a little more help to keep them in tip top shape.

First off, fill the bottom of your Oléa planter with broken crockery or small stones and course gravel placed carefully over the geo-textile inner liner. Most of our planters come with ready-made drainage holes, and feet, to offer some clearance between the surface and the planter, so you needn’t worry too much about additional drainage.

Do remember that plants in a planter need a little more attention when it comes to watering and feeding.

Fill your planter up with good quality peat-free soil and remember that plants in containers can dry out very quickly. Make sure you water them often, and thoroughly. Also make sure you add weekly liquid fertiliser to keep your plants happily fed and the blooms looking as gorgeous as possible.

Because our Oléa planter is rectangular in shape, we’ve gone for a trailing lobelia to help to accentuate the width. Pop these guys in first around the edges of the planter as they will be difficult to add later on. Next, add a layer of phlox plants in between the spacing of the lobelia as these are a little more upright. Then, add the taller geranium plants and you should start to see a sort of pyramid shape start to appear. Finally, we reckon you could go for five foxgloves in a colour of your choosing right along the centre of the planter. This scheme is designed for colourful impact and to make the most of a variety of heights and scents. You can opt for plants in complementary colour tones, total clashing opposites, or tonal companions – the choice is yours.

Plant tips
Foxgloves are utterly gorgeous flowers: tall, bell-shaped blooms atop a sturdy stem in a variety of colours – perfection. They like a little light shade so do take this into account when you’re placing your planter. The other plants in our collection for today are made of less fussy stuff. These guys ranging from mid-height geraniums, to the trailing lobelia, are pretty content plants that will give you an abundance of summer colour right through to September.

Right, off to the garden centre with you – get out there and get planting!