It’s October. It’s time for the annual attack of the giant spider! 

Fear not, today we are looking into all the good stuff that spiders do for us – free of charge.

If you’re no fan of these sometimes impressively huge home invaders, maybe, just maybe, we can change your mind…

Today we have the top five reasons as to why spiders really are your friends.

They Are Supreme Pest Control

They munch on everything from pesky garden aphids, to those eternally annoying housebound mosquitos. Indoors and out, the humble pest-gobbling spider really is a true friend to house and home.

They Are More Scared of You

Believe it or not, there are actually very few spiders who plan to attack humans. Think about it logically, even the biggest species of spider is hundreds of times smaller than you or I. Most spiders actively go out of their way to avoid any human contact and only attack when provoked.

The world’s most dangerous spider is the Funnel-Web. These guys are seriously dangerous. Although there is an antidote, one bite from a funnel web can kill a whole human being, that’s a whole lot of bang for your buck.

They Make Webs

Spider webs are truly beautiful. In the early hours of the morning when they’re laden with dew drops, as the light catches them when the sun sets, spider webs are seriously amazing things. Cobwebs are designed to catch spider prey. Their shape, material, and design are all geared toward ensnaring oblivious flying insects. Not all spiders make webs, and not all spiders who do, use them to catch their prey; those guys are just showing off.

Spiders can actually produce three different types of thread: one for making safety lines that hook a web together, one for producing the sticky lines that will catch dinner, and a final type of silk used to wrap the prey and protect the spider itself.

They Could Make You Rich

Legend has it that should a money spider find itself trapped in your hair, great riches are on their way to you. Believe it or not, this is still a great reason to let spiders do their thing in your home – you know, just in case.

Spiderman. That Is All.

Spiders are of course, the inspiration behind the character of Spiderman. Originating, and first appearing in 1962, Spiderman is the story of a guy bitten by a science spider who then takes on the amazing physical skills of the spider world. He can scale great heights, shoot out webs, and kiss girls whilst hanging upside down all while beating the bad guy once and for all. Spiders, we thank you.

Male house spiders are brought out and about in search of a lady friend around this time of year. According to some, turning your central heating on makes them think it’s time for a spot of spring time courting. House spiders are utterly harmless and no, they don’t have fangs.


If you see a spider out and about in your home this week, wish him well on his quest for the woman of his dreams.