If you’re getting seriously into growing your own veggies and starting plants off from scratch, then investing in a decent potting table could really make a difference to your gardening habit.


Far from adding clutter, good potting tables like ours are designed to help you organise everything you need to keep handy during the growing season. They make a practical choice too with a wipe clean, galvanised work surface, sloping edges, storage and shelves so you can keep tools, compost, pots and anything else close at hand. Naturally, ours are some of the best out there but follow our guide to getting the most out of your potting table right through the year.



You can buy specialist seed compost and it is readily available in supermarkets, garden centres and DIY stores. You can also make your own. Seasoned pros will tell you that seeds don’t need much in the way of nutrients – they come ready served with everything they need to get started in life. Conventional compost is often too overwhelming for seeds. Using either your own garden soil, or compost, add leaf mould, fine gravel, or vermiculite to make sure your mix is free-draining and see how you get on. It might take a bit of experimentation at first, but you’ll soon wonder why you ever forked out for expensive seed compost.




Using a potting table makes the fine art of seed sowing, pricking out, and transplantation so much easier. You can keep a good home mix of compost and grit right there in front of you without worrying about seed packets and labels flying off everywhere. You can even pin any additional instructions on the upper ledge of the table so you don’t need to get all your gardening books out, or cover your phone or tablet in soil.


Potting up

Using a potting bench for potting up might sound obvious, but let’s just think about the benefits. Having a range of pots in all shapes and sizes right there on a handy shelf means you don’t need to go rooting around the garden looking for the right container. Again, using the galvanised tray means you can quickly and efficiently get all your seedlings potted on really easily.


Optional extras

Because ours come in a natural finish, you might think about personalising your bench to suit the personality of your garden, or even match your home interior. Believe it or not, there are pages devoted to potting table decoration on Pinterest… happy pinning! You could also use your potting table to store chopped wood – close at hand for a spot of chiminea time late into the evening perhaps?


So, from conventional potting needs to all kinds of elaborate and wonderful designs, the potting table really is one of gardening’s silent heroes. Year after year, the potting table is at the heart of the growing season, wordlessly helping gardeners the length and breadth of the land to tend to seedlings and young plants with all the TLC that is required at this crucial time. Get potting!