The very best thing about a window box garden is that frustrated gardeners who live in apartments or shared houses, can exercise their green thumbs. Whatever kind of space you have, rest assured that there is a window box out there for you. Take a look at the window box we have to offer. You can really make a style statement with a window box, and they are often the perfect way to frame the front of your house, a back garden fence or an apartment balcony.



Make sure you measure the windowsill, or space, where you want to place your box. If space is a bit tight, make sure your window box is attached using external wall brackets. Also make sure you buy a box with decent drainage holes in the bottom.


Once you’ve made sure your box is fixed securely, fill the bottom with broken crockery or broken terracotta pots to ensure good drainage and that the drainage holes don’t get blocked.


Place your plants while they’re still in their pots – this way you can clearly see how everything is going to work together without running the risk of damaging any roots or tender leaves. Play around with your design until you’re totally happy and try to imagine how your plants are going to look in full bloom. Be careful not to place the plants too close together so that the roots will have enough space and that your box won’t end up looking too cluttered.


Looking after your box

Plants in window boxes need a little extra TLC. Make sure the compost stays moist by watering once a day – perhaps more frequently during hot summer days. If your box is in a particularly bright and sunny spot, make sure to water in the mornings and evenings and to avoid watering at midday. Use some kind of fertiliser once a week – lots of people swear by a good liquid fertiliser to take care of window box plants all year round. Keep the box tidy by making sure to remove any yellowing or dead sections.


Plant choices

Window boxes are a fantastic way to make a bold statement. Go for plants and flowers famed for their brilliant colours. Geraniums are a classic choice for a window box, as any trip to Prague will show you. Opt for upright or trailing geraniums and then either complement with some trailing ivy, or plant groups of this sturdy little plant. Another easy option is the beautiful nasturtium. Nasturtiums come in all kinds of colours from bright orange to pale yellow. They grow very easily from seed so can make a good budget option, or you can invest in a tray of plug plants. You really can’t go wrong with these two, especially in a nice sunny spot.


If your window box is going to live in a more shaded area, opt for a display of beautiful foliage, or include sturdy little shade-loving plants like cyclamen, viola and impatiens. Ivy grows pretty much anywhere so you can use this to create a lovely trailing effect.