You’ve packed your sun cream, remembered your sunglasses, stashed your passport and your two weeks in the sun is all planned out. The pool, the beach, the sights, the long hot evenings sipping on sangria and a cocktail or three… Sounds bliss!

Aside from all that packing and cancelling the milk, you also need to work out just how you’re going to keep your garden in tip top condition whilst you’re away.

The very thought of returning to drought-ridden plants, shrivelled blooms and a knee-high lawn is every gardener’s nightmare.

If you’re looking for help and want to know how to keep your garden alive and kicking while you soak up some serious rays, then read. You’re in the right place.

Container Woes
Probably the biggest concern for gardeners is how to make sure that when you get back from your holiday, those hanging baskets and planters you spent a long time planning and cultivating, are still in great condition.

The best answer is to turn to your lovely neighbour. Why not arrange a holiday swap? They water your containers while you’re away in return for fair exchange of labour such as like-for-like watering, or feeding Jaws the goldfish when they go away.

If that’s not going to work out for you, you could try retroactively adding water retaining gel crystals to your pots and baskets which should help to retain lots more water than they would ordinarily have done. Our next tip is to move anything you can into a more shaded area of your garden. Making sure everything is out of direct sunlight is one way to prevent crispy plants on your return (assuming that we suddenly get the hot summer we so long for).

The Veg Patch
Make sure your trusty neighbour knows they need to water the veg patch and that they can help themselves to anything that looks pick-able to keep encouraging new growth.

If you don’t have a trusty neighbour, you should make sure to give your veggies a really good soaking just before you go. Filling the gaps between your plants with straw or a heavy load of mulch will certainly help to retain moisture and could get your veggies through the two weeks you’re away. Don’t forget it is more than likely to rain at least once during your holiday so try not to worry too much.

If you’re an active gardener, you probably don’t have too much to worry about when it comes to a standard two-week holiday. Make sure your lawn is mowed just before you go and then don’t give it another thought – grass is tough stuff and can definitely survive two weeks of neglect.

Likewise, weed growth. If you have been following our brilliant gardening tips, you should already have a good weed suppression strategy in place. If not (and why not?!), try filling any empty spaces with bark chippings

Our last tip? Have a jolly good time and enjoy your holiday!