Patch Perfect: How to Beautify Your Veggie Patch

Plants have power—in a good way. Flowers reduce our anxiety, making us happier and more enthusiastic. But while many people put a lot of effort into beautiful flower beds, they tend to think of vegetable patches as more workmanlike and less beautiful.
It doesn’t have to be that way. There are both annual and perennial edibles that bring with them beauty and practicality. How you plant them is key, especially if you apply some of the same rules you would have used in a flower bed. You can also put a creative spin on vegetable garden planting, with cool containers and accents that enhance your little planted plots.
Want to learn more? Start with the ideas in this graphic from Fix.




Now you know how to make your veg patch look beautiful thanks to the guys over at Fix, take a look at some of the wonderful veg beds we have to offer:

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