Did you know that around half of the UK’s bird species migrate to other countries every year Largely driven by a lack of food, and breeding patterns many of the bird species we take for granted are frequent flyers when it comes to migration.

Swallows, martins, nightingales, and swifts amongst others, are all visitors to our shores for the sole reason of producing their young and feasting on our abundant supplies of insects during our summer months. All of these little birds take off come the winter time and head back south to warmer climates.

Some birds actually migrate to us in search of warmer weather during the winter. Many geese and other water birds in fact originate in much colder parts of the world – a comforting thought when you’ve just been through what you thought of as a cold snap. 

Brief Stop-overs

Some species of bird only make a brief stop-over on their way to more exciting destinations and these are the little winged-ones that bird watchers really get themselves excited about.

Generally speaking, migrant birds can best be spotted during April as they start, or end, their long journeys.

Dawn Chorus

You may have noticed, now that the clocks have done their twice-yearly ‘thing’, that the dawn chorus has started to ramp up its efforts. As annoying as we can sometimes find this, the dawn chorus signals the beginning of warmer weather, and is created by male birds on the look out for a fine lady friend. Blackbirds, wrens, robins and song thrushes are all to blame for your early morning wake-up call. Of course, this also means that these little chaps are easy to spot in your garden at this time of year.


Attracting Birds to your garden

One of the best ways to ensure plenty of bird action in your garden, is to make sure they have a jolly good reason to visit you. Setting up a bird table that is regularly replenished is a sure-fire way to attract feathered friends of all shapes and sizes. Bird seed, fat balls, dried insects and even some types of wet dog and cat food can all make welcome additions to a bird’s diet. If you want to avoid store-bought bird food, which can be expensive, put out a good supply of peanuts, sunflower seeds, and mealworms.

Make sure you don’t leave anything mouldy or any milk as both can be very harmful to birds.

If you need a handy place to keep your birdseed, why not opt for our retro-styled bird feed tins? These perfect tins come in either cream or petrol blue and come complete with handy scoop. You could also go the extra mile and put up one of our adorable little birdhouses so provide the perfect nesting location for all our feathered visitors this spring.

Song Thrush

So, now that the spring is finally here, get out there and get twitching. Fire up the binoculars and don your camouflage vest, it’s time to get bird spotting.