One of the best ways to grow herbs outdoors is in a raised bed. Raised beds afford gardeners the opportunity to create the ideal conditions for specific plants. If you opt for a our brilliant tiered raised bed, you can create individual growing conditions that offer you a world of opportunity when it comes to growing herbs from across the globe. This means that you can easily create the perfect conditions for your favourites.

Our faves include rosemary, mint and garlic mostly because they’re super easy to grow and make a big impact in your favourite dishes.

Why a raised bed?
Raised beds give you more control over the growing environment. If you’ve got heavy, clay soil, planting in a raised bed means you’ve got better drainage and it also means you can grow plants that might need a specific soil for instance, blueberries in ericaceous soil.

One of the biggest advantages though, is that a raised bed gives you better access to your plants and veggies. If you have mobility issues, a dodgy back, creaky knees or just want an easier life, gardening with a raised bed makes everything easier.

One of the biggest advantages though, has to be the fact that raised beds help to tackle the perennial pest problem. It’s much easier to control access to beds that sit away form the main garden, and you can add copper tape to the sides, beer traps around the edges, and make the paths particularly loathsome to slugs.

Filling your bed
You will need to do a bit of earth turning to break up compacted earth before you install your bed. Follow this with a good layer of medium-sized rubble or stones, then fill with a decent amount of topsoil. Finish this off with some well-rotted compost and your bed is ready for action. Raised beds can lose nutrients more quickly than the rest of the garden so make sure to feed weekly with a liquid fertilizer and regularly top it up with good quality compost.

Growing tips
Rosemary looks amazing in the garden. Plants can grow pretty big and make for interesting evergreen shrubs with brilliant blue flowers come the spring and summer. Rosemary does not like soggy roots (who does?!). It grows best in well draining soil with dry conditions and lots of sunlight – it is a Mediterranean plant after all. This makes it perfect for a raised planter as you can control the soil much more easily.

Mint and garlic are pervasive growers. Mint in particular, will take over your garden if given the chance, which means it is best grown in a raised bed where you can keep a close eye on it and its mischievous spreading powers. Garlic can be used to great effect in a raised bed as it not only deters pests, but thanks to its height, can offer some shade and rain protection for lower growing herbs.

If you’re put off planting herbs because you think they’re tricky customers, try out a raised bed and watch your plants grow to their full potential.