If you’re a beginner gardener, or even if you have a few years of experience under your belt, there are loads of ways to make mistakes in your garden – believe us when we say we’ve all been there.

We’ve put together a top four list of rooky errors to help you avoid blundering into a gardening mishap.

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Problem 1: Not thinking about year round impact
Buying a beautiful plant in full bloom is a little different from buying a scraggly looking thing over the winter. Not knowing exactly what you are adding to your garden year round is a big no-no.

Remedy: When you’re in the market for new plants, pay attention to the foliage as much as the flowers – it’s the foliage that’s going to see you through a long autumn and winter.


Problem 2: Too much variety, not enough impact
Falling in love with a particular variety (we’re looking at you, Dancing Ladies) is a wonderful feeling. Not buying enough of that plant in order to make an impact in your planting scheme, is not such a good thing.

Remedy: Buy more! Depending on the size of your garden, opt for three pots of a plant for a very small space, and at least six for larger areas. Planting more of the same makes a great visual impact in terms of colour and balance – plant away!


Problem 3: Plants that fail in your garden

Plants look glorious in the garden centre. As soon as you get them home, it’s a different story – we’ve all been there. How can you make sure you’re buying healthy plants that will thrive?

Remedy: Whenever you buy a new plant, make sure you give it a good once over to ensure it is in the best condition before you take it home. Check out the roots, making sure they look nice and healthy. Then check out the foliage, making sure it looks healthy and full – you should also check for healthy little buds. Don’t go for the plant in full bloom – you want any new plant’s glory days to take place in your garden, not the store where you bought it. Also make sure you buy plants that are suitable for your soil type and conditions.


Problem 4: Not knowing your garden
You might have just moved house, you might have just decided to take up gardening, there might be a whole world of other reasons why but a big problem for beginner gardeners is not knowing your own garden.

Remedy: If you’ve just moved in, wait a full year before making any big changes to your garden. Waiting means you can work out what you already have, how it grows, and what needs to be improved. Before you buy anything new, take a few pictures of your garden and close ups of any beds or new growing areas you have in mind. This makes it easy when you’re shopping to work out what you need – and what you don’t.

Stop before you sink that spade!