Here at the Garden Style Company, we know that gardens, and gardeners, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. That’s why this week, we’re focusing on those of you out there who either don’t have a garden at all, or have very limited outside space.

Perhaps you live in an apartment, or only have a tiny back yard? Wherever you live, we know all sorts of weird and wonderful ways for you to get started with a tiny garden all of your very own.

One of the biggest problems facing wannabe apartment gardeners, is access to light. It might be that you are lucky enough to have an apartment with beautiful, tall windows sweeping over wherever it is that you are located. You could also be the proud owner of a sun-trap balcony. You might only have a room of your own with a tiny window; whatever your situation, we know a way around it.


Before you do get started however, it is important to work out how much access to light you actually have. It’s also good to know how that light behaves – what times of day does your garden space get the sun?

Some plants need full access to sun all the time – if you live in a space where this just doesn’t happen, then some varieties of plants and veggies are off the menu.

Again, how much space you have to garden is a really important question. If you have a tiny patch — think, breadbin sized — then it’s just not realistic to expect to be able to grow pumpkins, courgettes, or anything else that requires extensive room in which to spread its tendrils and leaves. Garlic, kale, chard and cherry toms all make great choices if you’re short on space.

Similarly, if flowers are more your thing, marigolds, nasturtium, dwarf lavender, and hyacinths are all beautifully colourful and have the added bonus of sharing their scent with you and your home at the same time. If space is very tight, growing a few plants at a time can be a good option.

It makes lots of sense to try and grow veggies that cost a lot to buy in the supermarket. Growing cut and come again salad leaves, or herbs in a small planter, in a tin can, or any other suitable container, is a brilliant way to garden in a small space, and to save some serious cash. Similarly, blueberries, strawberries and other soft seasonal fruits can all be grown in containers, and are suitable for small spaces.

Our final top tip for gardening in a small space? Grow whatever makes you happy. If armfuls of bright blooms make your soul sing, or perfect little rows of tender leaves thrill your inner organiser, go for it!

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That’s what gardening is all about, enjoying the process and doing your bit for nature.

Finally, remember that plants grown in containers need good drainage, consistent watering so they don’t dry out, and a good quality weekly feed.