Summer is such an exciting and enervated time for you garden. Not only are your shrubs and trees coming into leaf and bloom, but your veggies are starting to take shape and your bedding plants are growing bigger by the day.

The summertime garden is also an incredibly important habitat for birds.

Summer is the time our native birds like starlings, and common sparrows are busying themselves with parenting preparations and are nest building like crazy. Meanwhile, house martins, swallows and swifts have all flown in for the British summer (for what it’s worth), and blue and great tits are actually already looking after their eggs as we speak.



With all this ornithological activity, now is the perfect time to spare a thought for our winged brethren and make sure your garden is as bird friendly as it can be with our top tips.

Bird food garland
Garlands not only taste good to our feathered friends, but they also have the added benefit of making your garden look celebration-ready at all times. Think traditional popcorn Christmas tree garlands and you’ll know what we mean.

Birdfood garlands are incredibly easy to make. All you need is some strong yarn or twine and a big old needle, like a tapestry one, strong enough to poke through the foods you select. An added win here is that a lucky bird can use the twine in their nest once everything has been pecked clean.

Next, get busy selecting popular bird nibbles. Try unsalted popcorn, berries, and fruit chunks for starters.

You can hang your garland alone in a suitable tree or hang it so it falls from a central hanging support – the choice is yours.

A bird table
Bird tables are a garden classic. They offer twitchers plenty of opportunities to check out the birds living in and around the garden, and can be beautiful objects. Bird tables can be home made or shop bought and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are open, some have tiled roofs – we think birds might feel a little more secure using a covered table as they are less open to predators while they feed.

You can add good quality ready-mixed birdseed, or you can make your own special varieties. The RSPB advise sunflower seeds, soaked sultanas, grated cheese, mealworms and seed mixes. Don’t put out peanuts, bread, or fat balls at this time of year as they can go rancid and cause choking hazards to young nestlings.

Bird Houses
Lots of birds are looking for suitable places to nest at this time of year. Why not make life easier for them buy providing a lucky feathered family with a bird house all of their own?

We have two great versions, one of which is perfect if you’re looking for a more unusual design. Why not try our fork birdhouse? This can be hung up on walls near to your back window or patio, or can even be planted firmly in the ground.

If you’re after a beautiful yet contemporary birdhouse, look no further than our classic, modernist designed birdhouse. This one can be hung up discreetly so it is super-attractive to birds on the hunt for the perfect new home in which to bring up their young.

Make sure your garden is bird ready this July!