So, your garden looks beautiful. Your lawn has survived an incredibly rainy winter, you know you’ve come up with some brilliant planter designs (in our lovely planters – naturally!), and your spring bulbs are springing up all over the place.

What you need now, are some fresh gadgets to get your garden really working it in the modern era.

In our tireless effort to bring you everything you need to know about gardening – and more – we’ve been pounding the keyboards to bring you the top five gardening gadgets.

Designed to make your gardening life just that little bit easier, these snazzy widgets and gizmos are smart, tech-savvy, and all designed to help you get the most from your garden.

Honda Miimo

Just as many swear by the robo skills of an indoor robo vacuum, so too can your garden (and by extension, you) now benefit from a robo mower. The Honda Miimo comes well recommended. These clever little things can work out the dimensions of your garden, collect the grass clippings, and can avoid children and pets. If you’ve got limited time, a robo mower could be just the thing to help you enjoy your garden for longer.

Parrot Flower Power Plant Monitor

Cunningly disguised as a small branch, the Parrot Flower Power monitor is a Bluetooth and wireless monitor that synchs up with your phone. The sensor monitors light, temperature, humidity and even fertiliser levels then alerts you via the app to the specific need of your plant. This might be particularly good if you’ve been given a mysterious plant as a gift, or charged with taking care of someone else’s plants while they go on holiday.

Netatmo Weather Station

This clever little gizmo monitors both your indoor and outdoor weather. Cleverly linking up with your phone with Bluetooth technology and a funky app, you can even monitor air quality and indoor Co2 concentration – amazing!

Brinno Garden Watch cam

Ever wondered what’s nibbling your strawberries or nibbling your dahlias? Wonder no more with this smart, time-lapse camera. This cam comes complete with a weather proof cover, fixing bracket and an SD card. Pop it into place and you can keep an eye on your prize marigolds or award winning marrows whatever time of day or night, and wherever you are in the world.


This is a filter system that allows you to take infrared and multi-spectral pictures of your garden. Install the filter on a web cam and then upload your pics to the website. You can then, in a community of like-minded folk, work to analyse the images and the health of the plants in your garden. Combining the best of the old with the best of the new and almost steampunk in nature, Infragram takes the selfie game to a whole new level.

Remember, gardening gadgets come after you’ve done all the hard work. Planning, planting, pruning and grooming are the key words when it comes to a beautiful garden. We here at The Garden Style Company have everything you need to bring your garden up to scratch.