Easter Jobs in the Garden

Today’s post comes to you in the form of a list of jobs for the long Easter weekend. Now the weather has brightened up and the harsh cold of late winter has passed, it’s time to have a good look at the garden. For many people, a turn in the weather is perhaps the first chance to get out there after the long winter months.

Have a good wonder around checking for damaged patches of lawn, remove broken pots, and most importantly, feel encouraged by the fresh shoots of new growth just starting to come into bud.

Before you start feeling overwhelmed by everything that needs attention, check out our list of five jobs that need to be done at this time of year. 

Get on top of slugs

Now is the time that our old friend the garden slug comes out to play. Alarmingly, it is thought that only 5% of the entire slug population can be found above the ground. This means that 95% are underground busily consuming your seeds and roots. They also lie dormant until the time is just right making them one of the most powerful villains of the garden and archest of garden enemies out there. If you want to know more about slugs, check out this fascinating site for everything you could ever want to know, and more… For now, make sure you check new shoots for slimy slugs and clear up any leaf debris to reduce likely hiding places. You can also get out there with a plastic bag and pick any visible slimers off your plants – we wouldn’t dare suggest that slugs meet a happy end in your green bin…


Get the compost out

We’re talking a lot about compost here at the Garden Design Company. We’ve got a few blog posts on their way but now is the time to check out your stocks of garden gold. If you don’t have any of your own making, you can of course stock up at the garden centre – go for peat free and you’ll know you’re doing your best for the environment too.


Mow the lawn

If your grass is dry and has started to grow, now is the time to dust down the old lawnmower. Give your lawn a small trim with the mower on the highest setting. Be kind to it before it really starts growing and you should have a summer of bright, fresh, and healthy grass on which to enjoy a picnic or three - when the weather allows.

Get on top of weeds

We’ve already spotted the first dandelions dotted about here and there. Now is the time to get on top of weeds by pulling them up before they have a chance to get really established. Doing this now, makes dealing with them through the growing season much easier – trust us!

Move deciduous trees and shrubs

If you want to move any deciduous trees or shrubs, mid March is the time to do it. Follow the instructions of the specific shrub you have and go carefully.