If you have a small garden, or want to design something that can be easily managed, planting up flowering climbers in containers can be fast and easy way to make a real statement in your back yard. We’ve got a range of brilliant planters in all sorts of shapes and sizes – you can opt for containers edged up against a fence or wall, or containers that come ready with pre-installed trellis.

Just remember that climbers need space and support to reach they full potential. Growing them in containers is a fab way to be able to contain height and spread whilst still reaping the benefits of all those beautiful blooms.

We’ve put together our top four flowering vines to share with you today.

Trumpet Vine
This bright flowerer can grow up to around 30 feet and can spread pretty fast and hard. This makes it perfect for container growing – you get all the pros with none of the cons. Trumpet Vine comes in a range of colours and flower sizes – we like the boldness of Campsis Summer Glow because its fully hardy and produces large, bright red trumpet-shaped flowers.


Lots of gardeners are put of this beautiful flowering climber. As it has its roots deep in the Mediterranean, many people think it just can’t hack the British weather. In actual fact, depending on the variety, Passion Flowers can be hardy and grow exceptionally well here.
From the summer right through to the early autumn, passiflora will treat you to a show of delicate and intricate blooms. They grow really well in large containers when well-watered, and shaded.

Star Jasmine
Star Jasmine is another sweetly scented flowering climber that produces small white flowers in the late spring and summer. This gorgeous plant has the added benefit of being an evergreen so it’s great for year-round interest. Jasmine grows to about 20 feet so can be ideal if you want to make a bit impact in a relatively smaller space – also ideal for container growing.

Clematis, on the other hand, will need some support and fixing as it can’t stick on its own. There are tons of varieties out there, depending on what type of flower you prefer, two popular options are Clematis Montana, and Clematis Armandii. Both of these plants are great climbers though its only Montana that is evergreen. This means they look fab contained in a trellis planter so they can tumble over the top.

Growing flowering climbers in a planter means you have total control over where to locate your plants and can help you to create specific areas that may have been difficult to do otherwise. Planters can be designed to add colour or interest for every season and can be switched up and around depending on your needs or interests. If you decide certain plants aren’t working or you have a change of heart, planters are very forgiving and very portable.

Whether you go for informal grouping, or a more regimented design, planter gardening suits every gardener from the total beginner, to the more seasoned pro.