Not feeling the joys of your summer garden yet? Overwhelmed every time you look out the back window? Fear not dear reader, for this week we have five easy wins to improve your garden.

For the tired, for the overwhelmed, for the gardener that has just run out of steam, we’ve got easy wins to help you make the most out of your patch – all summer long.

1. Pot up some spring and summer colour with cheap bedding plants and a selection of containers. Adding splashes of vibrant colour in the form of bedding plants can make a real difference to your garden. This is such an easy win because it’s so easy! Head down to your nearest garden centre (or even your supermarket) and load up with trays of bedding plants like petunia, lobelia, pansies, and geraniums. Pot them up in your own container or one of our fabulous planters, and you have an instant focal pop of colour ready to brighten up your garden right through the summer.

2. Neaten up your edges. Giving your edges a bit of attention is a quick and easy win that costs not a penny. Get your trusty spade out and sharpen up the edges of your borders and any garden paths. Think of this job like a sharp new haircut for your garden – a little bit of effort makes a huge amount of difference.

 3. Plant some love them and leave them shrubs. Planting some easy-grow shrubs in your garden is a great way to fill any straggly gaps and to inject a little bit of va va voom into your garden beds. Lavender, hydrangea, and Fatsia Japonica are fantastic ways to add some vim and vigour to a neglected patch. Easy to plant, easy to care for, and hardy enough for the worst the British weather can throw, these tough shrubs are not only beautiful, they are also perfect for the hard-pressed gardener.

4. Mow your lawn. Another little job that can be likened to a good hair cut for your garden. A well-kept lawn really is the finishing touch to your garden. If you can’t face anything else when it comes to gardening, mowing the lawn is the one job you should never neglect. It’s also blummin’ good exercise so no excuses!

5. Mulch. Mulching can be done pretty much all year round. Adding a decent layer particularly in the Spring or early Winter really well cheer your garden up. Mulch is like putting on makeup – a subtle yet stunningly effective way to improve on what nature has given you. Some people add a thick layer of bark chippings to their borders, which can be an easy way to make a big visual impact.

So there you have it, five easy ways to improve your garden. Whatever your skill level, and whatever your level of motivation, choosing one or all of these top tips really will make an easy, and massive difference to your garden.