It’s February at last. January is but a dreary memory and 2016 is finally off to a proper start. You may have signs of the coming spring starting to poke their tiny budding heads up in your garden, and you should have started to see a nice flock of crocuses and snowdrops dotted here and there in your local park. Although February can feel cold and damp, it really is the month where the prospect of spring is just around the corner and the nights start to get noticeably lighter once again.


So, what should be going on in your garden this month?



One you hit the middle of February and the ground starts to warm up, you might want to start some early vegetable seeds off directly. Things like garlic and onion, and hardy broad beans can all get going at this time of year. Beetroot, early carrots and some salads can grow well from now in a cold frame. We’ve got some great quality cold frames available now so check out our range here.


You can also get started with indoor or greenhouse seedlings. Cabbage, brussels sprouts, cucumber, tomatoes and peppers all do well with a nice early start with a bit of protection. Weekly feeds with a liquid fertiliser once your seedlings pop up will ensure good strong plants once you’re ready to plant them out. If you are going for the greenhouse option, make sure you remember to ventilate your greenhouse on the occasional bright sunny day. The last thing you want is confused plants burning away one second, and freezing the next.



Raspberry canes, blackberries and bare-root strawberry plants can all be planted directly outside from about mid-February. Make sure you give everything you plant directly a really good blanket of mulch to keep them toasty. Starting these choices off in a cold frame can make sure they get going without fear of a hard frost damaging tender young shoots and buds.



Lots of spring and summer flowering plants are ready to get going around now too. Most aren’t quite ready for the full brunt of the February weather and prefer to begin life either on a sunny windowsill, in a propagator, cold frame, cloche or green house. Make sure you read the seed packet carefully for the best advice.


A big favourite at this time of year is the good old sweet pea. We’ll be looking at this sweet little stunner in more detail in the coming weeks so make sure to check back.


Jobs for February

February is the time to get back into the garden and good preparation now, will reap benefits throughout the rest of the year. Prepare your veg patch with a layer of cardboard to help the warming and to nip any pesky weeds right in the bud so to speak. Now is also the time to cut back any winter flowering plants, and to cut late varieties of soft fruits like raspberries. Finally February is the best time to give any evergreens a bit of a yearly trim – especially your hedges.